How To STOP Possums Living In Your Roof?

How To STOP Possums Living In Your Roof?

A possum might be mistaken for a kind and cuddly pet. While it may seem harmless, it may damage your house considerably. Possums are common in and around Melbourne. Therefore, residents must take precautions to keep the nocturnal animals out of their homes by using a possum proofing service. And, if you already found a possum living on your roof, you can hire an emergency possum removal service.

Possums may not directly threaten your health, but they may be destructive to your home or workplace and a significant annoyance. If you follow the advice in this article, you should be able to keep possums out of your yard and away from your trees and plants. It is important for you to learn; how to stop possums living in your roof

First, We want to provide you with some crucial facts. The legislation in Australia protects possums since they are native creatures. There is a particular and comprehensive method of getting rid of them that only experts would know, no matter how big of an annoyance they may be to you.

stop possums living in your roof

How Can You Prevent Possums From Traversing Your Roof?

There are just three common causes for a possum’s frequent visit to your roof. They are either residing on or within your roof or traversing between points A and B through your roof. Since you can’t prevent possums from crossing power lines to get to your top and will likely utilise overhanging trees to access your roof, possum removal from roof may be difficult.

Possums may also gain access to your roof via deck posts and a beautiful lattice. If this is the case, you may want to try installing plastic or smooth metal over these areas to prevent them from being able to be used as a foothold.

A Possum Has Taken Up Residence On The Roof; How Can You Get It Off?

There are a few different approaches to roof possum removal. Still, the first step is permanently blocking off the possums’ access to the attic and finding their exits.

To determine whether a possum uses a hole in your roof, crumple up some newspaper and stuff it into the aperture. At night, when the possum emerges from its den, it will push any intruders out of the path. Even after a possum has been removed and one entrance has been shut up, the operation may need to be repeated if the animal utilises more than one entrance.

Once you’ve located the possum’s possible entrance ports, you may block them off. For this purpose, you may use anything from solid sheeting and lumber to sturdy mesh. However, chicken wire is not suggested since a determined possum can quickly rip off the wire with its powerful claws.

If you’re using wire mesh to block off an entryway, you may prop it open on one side with some crumpled newspaper while you finish the job. The possum can force it available on its way out, but the paper and mesh will be pulled back into place by the time it reaches the other side.

You may shut off the other side of the mesh as soon as you know that the possum has left the roof. At the same time, you should cut back any bushes or trees encroaching on the roof.

How Can You Prevent A Possum From Nesting In Your House Repeatedly?

Technology-based gadgets

Since possums prefer to sleep in the dark, leaving an artificial light on in the roof’s attic for many days and nights may deter them from returning. Possums may be scared away using motion-activated ultrasonic devices, activated when a possum passes a sensor. As a bonus, some of these gadgets will release a high-pitched sound that is inaudible to humans but will drive possums crazy. This is something, how to stop possums living in your roof. 

Substances With A Powerful Odour

A possum’s sense of smell may be overpowered by using a disinfectant or quassia chip solution to spray about the closed doorway. Garlic, mothballs, and ammonia scents are particularly offensive to possums. If you want to keep possums away from your yard, garden, or fruit trees, try soaking an old stocking in liquid seaweed and hanging it nearby.

Food Sources

Eliminating food sources might make your house less desirable to possums, who are drawn to places where they can easily find food. Keep trash cans covered while not in use, wipe off your grill after each use, and remove any pet food or water bowls left behind after serving.

Pick up any fallen fruit from your trees, or use netting to keep it from falling. Avoid sprinkling birdseed in the late afternoon if you want to attract local birds. Time it for the early or late afternoon, or make use of bird feeders, bringing them within as night falls. Don’t ever knowingly feed possums on purpose. Eventually, possums that people provide lose their natural fear of them. If humans no longer feed them, they may become hostile.


It may be frustrating when possums visit your house in huge numbers and begin to fight. But even one might be intolerable owing to its scurrying and chirping and the stench of its excrement. The good news is that they can be easily managed using commonplace tools and techniques. You may always get a professional possum trapper to assist you if you decide the job is too much for you. It’s not a big hassle to decide how to stop possums living in your roof, as it is an easier task to perform. 

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