Wildlife Permits

Wildlife Permits For Possums In Australia

Possums are a major issue in many parts of Australia, causing damage to crops and property. They can also be a nuisance to humans, as they scavenge for food and invade our homes. It is important that we understand the issues posed by possums and take steps to reduce their impact on our lives.

CBD Possum Removal has various solutions available for dealing with these problems, from trapping and relocation to habitat modification. By understanding the challenges posed by possums and taking steps to address them, we can ensure that they do not become a major problem in our communities. While removing possums from your place or farms, we follow Australian guidelines for protecting the possum population in Australia. We don’t kill them and after catching them, we release them carefully. Our company, CBD Possum Removal will handle everything from catching to releasing. We give free quotes and 24/7 Possum Removal Services in Australia. 

Wildlife Permits For Possums In Australia

Department Of Environment And Heritage Protection For Possums

Nature Conservation Act of 1992 protects all native flora and animals (the Act). Therefore, the appropriate permission for the activity must be held by anybody who captures, traps, handles, or otherwise controls a native species. And, our professionals are reliable and do it with their skilful techniques without harming possums. 

The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection’s website provides information on the many types of licenses available: Licenses And Permits

Possums trapped in traps must be freed within 24 hours of being found (at sunset on the day of capture). Within 50 meters of where they were caught, they must be released on the same land. Possums are more stressed and at risk of assault and injury when released during the day.

Possum relocation is cruel, against the law, and a subpar answer to the possum issue. Evidence suggests that when brushtail possums are removed, additional possums frequently relocate into the area and the removed possum dies. Possum trapping and release are prohibited without a permit. The highest fine is $2,500 or six months in jail.

General Guidelines While Catching Possums 

Australia is home to a wide variety of native wildlife, including the common brushtail possum. As these animals can cause damage to property and gardens, it is important to take the necessary steps to catch and release them safely. We at CBD Possum Removal, provide an overview of general guidelines when catching possums in Australia. It will cover topics such as identifying potential problem areas, using traps and cages, handling possums with care, and releasing them back into their natural habitat. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that possums are caught safely and released without harm. 

  • Identifying potential problem areas when looking for a possum, go to the area where you suspect they might be. Possums usually make their homes in wooded areas and bushes. They also like to hang out near human structures such as sheds, garages, and gardens. Pay attention to areas that are protected from both direct sunlight and rain. These will typically be shady areas or protected under overhangs, such as the roof of a shed or garage. Don’t look for them in places that are exposed to sunlight all day long; they won’t last longer than a few days there. 
  • Set traps and make sure that they will be not harmed by the cage and release them carefully or call the agents of wildlife departments. 

If you want to get more information about possums and their protection laws, call us. Or, if you are thinking of holding the possum, you must have information and a license. There are particular licenses available for caring for wounded wildlife, keeping native creatures, or holding them to exhibit to others.

According to the general rules of Wildlife Permits, you must demonstrate the following in order to receive a damage mitigation permit or Wildlife Permit:

  • You have attempted to mitigate the damage in various methods, but without success, thus there is a definite need to take away the wildlife.
  • The suggested approach will be successful, the manner utilized to take the animals is humane, and the activity won’t have a negative influence on ecological sustainability. 
  • There is considerable economic harm being caused or is expected to be caused.
  • Notably, several non-lethal crop protection measures, including the collection and release of possums and snakes, need a damage mitigation license. 

To get more information about Wildlife Permits or Possum Removal In Australia, contact our company, CBD Possum Removal. 

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