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CBD Possum Removal is an authorized possum removal company in Sydney. Thus you need not worry about possums and their relocation laws. We follow all the guidelines that the NSW and Australian governments provide to know more here (Possum Protection Wildlife Act 1974). With our legally certified team, we have established ourselves as the most affordable and best possum removal service team in Sydney and its suburbs.

To get our possum removal service, you can call any time. Our Possum Removal Sydney team is available 24 by 7 to help you. We can provide you with stress-free dead animal removal services in Sydney. So, if you want to get rid of possums or set up cages to keep them away, call us now and avail a possum removal free quote.

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    Dead Possum Removal

    Our team specializes in dead possum removal from your residential or commercial property. We not only remove them from your property but also ensure proper disposal. Additionally, we implement preventive measures for long-term solutions to your possum problems.

    Pre-Purchase Possum Inspection

    We lead the way in Pre-purchase Possum inspections and treatments using reliable methods and equipment. Our goal is to protect you and your home from possum attacks. With our services, you can confidently buy a house without the worry of possum infestation.

    Backyard Possum Removal

    Our possum catchers follow all the required safety measures and begin the process of removing possums from your backyard. The cost for this service is affordable, and we also offer pest management advice to our valued clients to keep their backyards safe from future infestations.

    Under Deck Possum Removal

    At our company, we take a personalized approach to under deck possum removal service. We handle everything, from setting up the necessary equipment to ensuring a successful and safe removal. If you’re dealing with possums and need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

    Some Important Information About Possums

    According to the Wildlife Act of 1974, possums are illegal to kill. Because of the reason that they are of economical use. It is true that possums are of great destruction and nuisance to you. And if you don’t know how to deter possum in ceiling, yet you can not kill them. Hence hiring a professional becomes essential because you need someone with a license in possum catching and relocation service. Our possum pest control experts can control all types of possums. Call our expert possum man in Sydney today and get free possum removal quote.

    Types Of Possums Commonly Found Around Sydney

    brushtail possum removal sydney

    Brushtail Possum

    ringtail possums

    Ringtail Possum

    pygmy possums

    Pygmy Possums

    honey possums

    Honey Possum

    brush tail possums

    Brush Tail Possum

    scaly tailed possums

    Scaly Tailed Possum

    Three Quality Steps We Follow During Possum Removal Service In Sydney

    We understand how difficult it is to control possums from your house. But when our Possum Removal Sydney team is here, you need not worry. Following are the high-quality possum removal methods our possum catcher Sydney performs:

    1. Possum Inspection

    As soon as you hire a possum control service, we reach your house immediately for an inspection. In the inspection, we identify the level and cause of possum infestation at your place. Also the entry-exit points of possum at your premise.

    2. Possum Treatment

    Further based on possum inspection we make a treatment plan. Thus while determining treatment we select the best method to control possums. We believe possum trapping is the best way to catch possums. After humane possum trapping in Sydney, we release possums about 50m away.

    3. Possum Prevention

    Lastly, we provide some prevention tips to customers. Tips by our Humane Possum Removal Sydney team include the Installation of possum barriers on your garden trees, Close every hole, which can allow the possum to enter, Storing pet food in tight containers, put spikes on the fences.

    emergency possum pest control sydney

    Immediate Assistance For Same Day Possum Removal and Emergency Situations

    Most of the time when a possum infestation appears overnight, you have no idea how to get rid of possum in house. Possums should be dealt with right away since they may be dangerous and harm your home and family. Hence, get in touch with us for prompt dead possum removal services in Sydney. You will quickly receive our services from our professionals. You can contact us if there are any emergencies because we are easily accessible. Also, we never charge extra for our urgent services in Sydney.

    No matter where you are sitting in Sydney, we can reach you. Moreover, we use modern techniques to catch the possums to ensure quick and effective services. Also, we make sure that all our techniques meet government policies. Thus you can easily appoint us for possum disposal services in Sydney without any worry.

    possum infestation on your property - dead possum removal sydney

    Signs of Possum Infestation On Your Property

    Are you concerned about a possum invasion of your property? You can have a look at the indication of a possum outbreak on your property. This will help you to know if there is a possum infestation or not.

    • Clicking, hissing, and shrieking lip-smacking noises indicate possible possum invasion.
    • Listen for scratching noises, as possums build nests in homes.
    • Look out for structural damage like ripped soffits and damaged gutters caused by possums’ climbing abilities.
    • Possums are attracted to uncovered food due to their good sense of smell.
    • Possum droppings cause a bad smell and can leave stains on furniture. Be cautious of a foul environment.

    Rat Vs Possums: How Do I Identify Rat Or Possum

    If you see a possum running through, you can have confusion about it being a rat. As rats and possums are quite similar with similar types of body structures. But if you see them closely, you can be able to distinguish between them. Have a look at the difference between both pests.

    • Rat- Rats are small black to brown colour creatures. They have small pink feet. The average size of their body is up to 12 inches. Thus by looking at the size of the pest, you can distinguish whether it is a possum or a rat.
    • Possums- Possums on the other hand have large bodies of up to 2 feet in length. The significant feature is their white-colored face. Thus you can recognize them by looking at their faces.
    rat Vs possums

    Our Smart Possum Removal and Trapping Treatment: Installation Of Possum Boxes

    Possum killing is illegal, so our team uses possum boxes to safely catch them. This protects your family from possum attacks. Learn more about possum boxes.

    Possum Nest Box

    Possum nest boxes are actually a kind of house for possums. It is a small box with a hole in it for entry. Our experts set up these boxes outside your house. So that possums do not enter your house for residing. Thus it keeps away possums from your house. Our professionals can also install a possum one way door for roof possum removal in Sydney.

    Possum Control Box

    If you already have a possum infestation in your home or a possum in roof, you can go for the installation of possum control boxes. Possums get attracted to these boxes as it seems to be cozy place for possums to reside. Then we catch them and take them away from your property.

    Possum removal and trapping treatment

    Possum removal and trapping treatment

    Benefits Of Hiring CBD Possum Removal Services

    Our experts use and follow standard techniques while catching, trapping and relocating possums. Also, we are available for both residential and commercial properties for possum control Sydney service. Following our some benefits you can enjoy by hiring our possum removal and sealing service:

    1. Same day possum removal service in Sydney

    2. 24/7 available for possum removal booking

    3. Reasonable possum treatment

    4. Certified and experienced professional for offering possum treatment

    5. Use environment-friendly and pets safe solutions

    6. Emergency possum removal service in Sydney

    Our Service Area: Get Our Services Anywhere In Sydney

    If you need service in the Sydney outskirts, we are still there. Our reach is all around Sydney. We use modern technology to provide you with quick and effective service anytime and anywhere in Sydney. Our services are also available in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Canberra.


    Possums are good for the environment and eco-friendly though, but at the same time, they can be dangerous and violent to your property also. They can cause harm to the belongings and windows, tables and other things of your house. That is why it is very important to book the professional possum removal Sydney service and for the appropriate removals.

    Yes, we have a number of reasons to prove why we are the best. We can deliver same-day possum removal services and emergency ones also. In fact, here you will get a 24/7 customer support system available. So you can connect with us 24/7 anytime to resolve your queries.

    There is no fixed possum removal cost in Sydney. We will consider the prices according to the conditions and situation possums have created in your property. When all the aspects like areas, possums count and everything will be considered then the possum removal cost will be fixed according to the situation & condition.

    Possum infestation at your house can cause a big impact. Not only possums are harmful to your property but also your health. However, possum dropping at your house develops permanent disability in the human body. Once possums get in your roof while making their nest possum damage your roof tiles. Therefore, for the best treatment hire our possum catcher near you in Sydney.

    Reviews: What Our Clients Say About Us!

    Professional & Knowledgeable

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    15 September 2023

    CBD Possum Removal did a fantastic job for us! We had a persistent possum problem in our attic, and they were quick to respond. The technician was professional and knowledgeable. They removed the possums safely and sealed up the entry points. No more late-night disturbances! Highly recommend their services.


    Reasonable Prices

    Rated 4.0 out of 5
    6 September 2023

    I couldn’t be happier with them! We had a possum nesting in our garden shed, causing quite a mess. Their team was courteous and efficient, and they took care of the issue without harming the possum. Great service, and the price was reasonable too!


    Expertise & Professionalism

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    31 August 2023

    They exceeded our expectations! We had possums making a mess in our backyard, and it was becoming a nuisance. The team arrived promptly, assessed the situation, and efficiently trapped and relocated the possums. They even gave us tips on how to prevent future encounters. Highly recommended for their expertise and professionalism!



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