Possum Removal Methods

The Possum Problem, Get Rid Of It With Our Professional And Humane Methods

These critters can pose a serious threat to public life by entering gardens, commercial places, parks and homes. Possum removal is an important part of maintaining a healthy environment as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle in these cases. The use of the most environmentally sound techniques for possum removal is essential to ensure that the environment is not disrupted. At CBD Possum Removal, we understand the importance of preserving possums and have implemented various strategies to ensure that our possum removal services are as environmentally friendly as possible. 

We use humane trapping Possum Removal Methods, exclusion fencing and other methods to efficiently and safely remove possums from residential and commercial properties in a way that minimizes disruption. Our team of experienced technicians will assess each situation on an individual basis to determine the best course of action for successful possum removal. Our Local Possum Catchers are experts and have completed more than 1000 successful possum captures. Our team is composed of licensed technicians with years of experience in the industry.

Possum Removal Methods Service

Possum Box Installation Can Be Your Rescuer

Possum boxes are designed to provide a safe and secure shelter for possums and other marsupials. They are typically installed in a location that is safe from predators and near a source of food and water where possums wave around. You can set it at different places. 

Installing possum boxes can be a beneficial way to help protect and conserve possums and other marsupials in your area.

  • Possum box installation on a tree
  • Possum box installation on the roof
  • Possum box installation in your garden
  • Possum box installation in your backyard
  • Possum box installation underdeck
  • Possum nesting box installation

Humane Way Of Catching Possums

  • Set A Cage: You must set up a cage that will be comfortable for possums in your area. You must check the size of the cage. 
  • Fix The Bait: They come in the search of food. You can place their favourite food as bait in the cage. This will attract them quickly. 
  • Wait And Watch: We do not have to force them to enter the cage. You must wait and watch unless they enter the cage unhesitatingly. 

Dead Possum Removal Method

If you have a dead possum on your property, it is best to contact your local animal control or waste management department for proper removal. Also, you can call us for dead possum removal. We have the necessary equipment and experience to safely and efficiently remove dead possums. If this is not possible, you can also wear gloves and use a shovel or similar tool to place the possum in a plastic bag, and then put the bag in a trash can with a tight-fitting lid. Be sure to wash your hands and any tools or surfaces that come into contact with the possum.

We Provide Humane Possum Removal Services Across Australia

We provide our possum removal services in all major cities in Australia including their nearby suburbs. Here are all the cities that we serve:

Prevention Tips For Possum Control

  • Ensuring the security of all the ridge capping, especially the corner pieces, by inspecting them all and, where required glueing.
  • Examining roof tile near the spouting, resetting it if necessary, and cementing it.
  • Examining any blatant access points so that you can check for possums hidden around the tiles.
  • Also, plug and seal the holes
  • Investigating every eave and proofing as necessary and after that, set traps around the required places.
  • Examining gables, and, if necessary, repointing them for possum prevention in future.
  • Rats, which frequently coexist with a possum infestation, can be controlled by baiting.
  • Please remember that they can also enter through chimneys and subfloors because they are always open. 

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