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    CBD Possum Removal: Trusted By Australia And Its Government For Possum Free Property

    CBD Possum Removal is a company that specializes in possum control. In Australia, we are dedicated to providing innovative possum removal solutions to safeguard your home, garden, backyard, and roof. Our possum removal professionals have a vast understanding of possum species, behaviors, and nesting sites. To get rid of them, we use cutting-edge procedures and treatments. In Australia, we provide dependable and quality possum removal treatments for both commercial and residential properties. Thus, you can contact us for a quick and efficient solution to possum infestation problems.

    • Effective and customer-friendly possum removal procedure
    • Same day service, no late in service
    • Transparent pricing with no hidden charges
    • Working with flexibility and comfort of the clients
    • We follow all guidelines set by the government for possum catching and relocation.
    • We can set up a possum nest box on a tree, in your garden, or on your roof.
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    Possums Are Not Dangerous

    Everything About Possums And Their Types In Australia

    The possum is an animal that inhabits the Australian continent. Possums are generally considered to be marsupials, meaning they have a pouch in their stomach where their young reside. There are four types of possums found in Australia – Eastern Ringtail Possum, Western Ringtail Possum, northern white-faced, and southern white-faced, Common Brushtail Possum.

    What Does It Eat

    What Does It Eat?

    Possums have long-snouted heads, shaggy fur, and long tail. Possums are herbivores and their diet consists mainly of plant material. They mainly eat leaves, stems, roots, and seeds. Possums eat a lot of different types of plants, including trees. Possums can eat some plants that other animals cannot. Their dental imprints have been found on cashew nuts and acacia gum. Their digestive tracts can digest these hard materials.

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    How Do Possums Get Around

    How Do Possums Get Around?

    Possums use their sharp claws and paws to climb trees and other tall objects to get food. They also use their front legs to stand on top of things and search for food. Possums are very good swimmers and can swim long distances underwater to get food.

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    Different Types Of Possums In Australia

    Different Types Of Possums In Australia

    There are three different types of possums in Australia: the eastern grey possum, the western grey possum, and the gliding possum. Eastern grey possums live in eastern Australia and they have long-snouted heads and shaggy fur. Western grey possums live in the west of Australia and they have a shorter snouted head and less fur. The gliding possum is a type of possum that lives in the middle of Australia. It has no fur and a bare face.

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    What Is Possum Removal And Why Do You Need Possum Removal?

    Possum removal is a process that’s used to remove possums from an area. Possums are common in areas where there is vegetation, such as trees and gardens. They eat the leaves and flowers of plants, which can damage them or cause them to die. Possums also burrow into garden soil, destroying it over time. Removal of possums helps prevent this damage and allows plants to grow more freely. They are known for their meat, fur, and their quills which are used to hunt small creatures. As scavengers, possums eat nearly everything, including the food that people put out for their pets. They cause a lot of damage by eating wires, insulation, and even wiring for traps. They are also known to chew through insulation and cables, which can lead to fires if not addressed.

    Moreover, possums cause a lot of damage, especially to property. Removing them from the area can help to protect the property from damage and from costly repairs. Furthermore, Possum Removal can also help to stop the spread of diseases like E.coli. Removal can also help to improve the aesthetics of an area, by removing unsightly animals.

    CBD Possum Removal
    How Do

    We Remove Possum From Your Property?

    • Firstly, we inspect the area where you have seen possums and find the numbers of possums on your property and the reasons they are around your property.
    • According to the need, we set up one or more cages. We put fruit in the cage to attract possums.
    • We wait patiently to catch the possums. It may take more than a day. We do not force them to enter the cage, they will get caught by chance.
    • After capture, we plan their relocation process. By Law, we can not leave more than 50 meters away. So we follow this law.
    • We pay multiple visits if required to get rid of all possums on your property.

    What Else Can We Do?

    • Possum Nest Box Installation On A Tree
    • Possum Control Box Installation
    • Possum Nest Box Installation
    • Dead Possum Removal
    • Pre-purchase Possum Inspection
    • Backyard Possum Removal
    • Under Deck Possum Removal
    • Residential Possum Removal
    • Commercial Possum Removal
    • General Possum Inspection
    • Emergency Possum Removal
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    I had a possum problem in my backyard. That’s when I hired their professionals! So if you have an issue with small animals like a possum or other types of pests then this is your solution! The team came out and took care of the situation quickly and efficiently before any damage could happen. They did great work – no mess at all – so thank you for helping us.


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    Possum Removal Is Awesome

    I am very happy with the possum removal service. The team that was assigned to our property did a fantastic job and were professional, timely, and thorough in their work. I had heard of CBD Possum Removal before but never tried them until now. They are definitely worth it!


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    Honest Pricing

    I’m really glad that I came across their services. They offer the best possum removal service in Australia. The price is extremely reasonable and they do a great job with their services. I had an emergency situation about a possum living under my shed, and they did everything they could to help me out as quickly as possible!


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    Hire CBD Possum Removal Company Anywhere In Australia?

    CBD Possum Removal company is highly rated as one of the honest possum removal companies that care to provide legally certified services for all Australian residents. Our core aim is to provide the best services and safe you from all kinds of possum problems; that get rid of any number of possum infestations. We involve ourselves in training all our newly joined experts so that they provide only the top-notch service.

    • Eco-friendly service
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    • 30 Years In Business
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    What To Expect When You Appoint Us For Possum Removal

    Inspection Of The Area

    Our possum trappers inspect the area. Through monitoring, our possum removal team finds out the most common areas through which possums invade your property. Whether you want to remove a possum from the roof or home, appoint us for possum treatment and inspection service. We provide the most affordable possum removal cost in Australia.

    Treatment According To The Requirement

    Possum creates a threat to human life. A possum inside your home should be immediately returned outdoors for the safety of your loved ones. Thus, hiring our professional possum catcher team is necessary. Our team provides effective aids according to conditions. Moreover, we use the latest modern methods to eliminate the cause of possum infestations from your property.

    Documentation And Follow-up

    After the complete treatment, our Possum removal team provides you with the complete detailed report of aid given for possum removal so that, in the future, you will not face trouble. In addition, our staff is polite and friendly. So, we are here to assist you.

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    We Serve Australia-wide:

    Call CBD Possum Removal From Any City And Suburb

    Possum removal is a necessary task for many reasons, and we make this task easy for our customers. We are available Australia-wide.

    Never be in a worry that possums are on your property. You can be happy because we are here to save you, your family, your pets, and your property from possums. You can call us any day, any time to get the service.


    Yes, we are available to remove dead possums from both residential and commercial places in CBD. Besides, we sanitise the area after removing the dead possums and follow all the hygienic protocols.

    No, killing possums is illegal. Our pest control company is here to help you with possum removal. We catch possums using safe trap boxes and later release them in the forest.

    You do not have to worry about the recurrence of pests when you hire us. However, we release them far away so there is no chance of the possum returning to your place.


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