Possum Protection (Wildlife Act 1974)

Possums In Australia

The possum is one of the most common animals in Australia according to our Expert Pest Controllers. About 23 species are known to exist in this region. The Australian possum belongs to the Phalangeridae family of marsupials. Possum Protection Wildlife Act 1974 protects possums because of their native origins and less habitat for them. They have been killed enourmously by other animals so they have been listed as vulnerable species. 

These two possums are known to invade mostly in the houses and other properties. 

1. Brushtail Possum

With the size of a domesticated cat, this possum is the second largest found in Australia. Brushtail possums are very adaptable to any habitat. You can also find it on rooftops at night in urban areas. Their fur colour varies depending on their habitat. It can range from silver to gold to black. Its physical characteristics include a long tail, a pointed face with a pink nose, and long oval-shaped ears. 

2. Ringtail Possum

Possums of this species can live in a variety of habitats. Among the vegetation, it feeds on various herbs, fruits, and flowers. The species is usually found in trees and seldom on the ground. To climb up the tree, it wraps its prehensile tail around the branches. Mother possums use this method, especially since they have a pouch on their belly to hold the babies. Possums are usually grey or dark grey.

Where Are Possum Problems Commonly Encountered?

  1. Possum in Building
  2. Possum in Rooftop
  3. Possum in Garden
  4. Possum in Municipal Park
  5. Possum in Underdeck
  6. Possum in Backyard
  7. Possum on a Tree
  8. Possum in Garage

What Are The Things Mentioned In Possum Protection Wildlife Act 1974

Trapping Possum

Possum Removal Services must be dealt with responsibly under the law. Australian law protects possums under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972, Possum Protection Wildlife Act 1974 and Animal Welfare Act 1985. It is illegal to capture, release or kill a possum without a permit. A permit will come with conditions that you must follow.

Possum Trapping: Things You Should Know

If the trap is not managed properly, possums can suffer harm and distress. Consider these issues:

  • Possums will spend a certain amount of time in the trap.
  • Securing its safety from predators.
  • Prevention of environmental adverse effects such as dehydration.

Placing the Possum trapper within the possum’s access point and making sure it is secure and stable will prevent injury to the possum. If the Possum Is On Your Roof, you should plan to do this on the day you will Possum-Proof your house. You should set the trap at dusk, check it each morning, and close it each morning so that possums do not get caught in the heat.

Releasing Possum

Possums must be released within 24 hours on the same property, within 50 meters of the capture site. When the possum is released, all reasonable precautions must be taken to protect it from predation or injury by other animals. Management of the Possum Trapper must adhere to animal welfare standards outlined in the Animal Welfare Act 1985, the relevant regulations under that Act, as well as any other relevant codes of practice.

Relocating Possum

The act of trapping possums and releasing them away from your property is illegal unless you do it with the help of licensed professionals. The possum is a territorial animal; relocating it elsewhere will only result in the released animal attack by possums already present there. It is inhumane as it will stress the possum and will result in it dying regardless of where it is released. That is why the law says to release them within 50 metres range. Then, they can find their safe zones. 

Call Legally Approved Possum Catchers: Remember The Name CBD Possum Removal

Possums are protected under the Wildlife Act 1975, any attempt to capture them and release them without a license is illegal. Possum removal usually requires the expertise of Certified Possum Catchers. CBD Possum Removal has wildlife Possum Exterminators who are trained to handle wildlife humanely, so they can relocate and release the wild safely and without further distress. Possum Catchers, we work with licensed, insured, and fully qualified. Following capture, we relocate possums safely following the current wildlife control regulations. When you hire us for Possum Pest Control, we assure you HUMANE and EFFECTIVE Possum Control with guaranteed results, and thoroughly trained and licensed Possum Trappers as part of the Australian Environmental Pest Control Network. You can hire our experts all over Australia, choose your service area here:

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