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Certified Possum Catchers In Adelaide: Hire From CBD Possum Removal

Are you seeking the legal and authorized Possum Removal Adelaide team? If yes, then you have redirected towards the right page. CBD Possum Removal is a certified and legal company in terms of giving reliable possum removal services in Adelaide. Moreover, we helped countless people and in the response, we always received positive feedback.

Furthermore, we are familiar with the Australian rules and regulations. Hence, none of our actions will break the law. In addition to this, our possum catcher adelaide team use eco-friendly and pet-friendly methods to remove all the possums from the premises.

So, if you are looking for a company that can give legal possum removal to adelaide, reserve a seat with us. Our booking process is simple, call us directly on the helpline 0488 851 508 or fill out our web form and get free and pocket-friendly possum removal Adelaide cost quotes.

    The Ultimate Possum Catchers

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    The Professionals’ Choice For Effective Possum Trapping And Removal

    Kinds Of Possums We Catch And Remove In Adelaide

    Possums come in wide varieties. Moreover, every possum has its unique behaviour and look. Therefore, some of the possums are mentioned below:

    brushtail possum

    Brushtail Possum

    ringtail possum

    Ringtail Possum

    pygmy possums

    Pygmy Possums

    honey possum

    Honey Possum

    green tail possum

    Green-tail Possum

    scaly tailed possum

    Scaly-Tailed Possum

    possums in adelaide

    Protecting Possums in Adelaide Since 1992: Trusted by the Community, Approved by the NSW Government

    Our company is the most reputed company for giving the best possum removal in Adelaide. We have a skilled and qualified team that has in-depth knowledge of how to get rid of possum in house. Moreover, we are a licensed and insured company. Furthermore, we use pet-friendly ways to catch the possums. So, without wasting much time, connect with us and get your area possum-free on the same day of booking. You can also call our experts for possum disposal services at affordable prices.

    Our High Quality And Reliable Possum Removal And Sealing Solutions

    Dead Possum Removal Service

    If you observe dead possums in the home or find a dead possum in roof, then bring this issue to us. As we offer dead possum removal Adelaide service at a low rate. Furthermore, you can book your slot even on holidays for dead animal removal services.

    Pre-purchase Possum Inspection

    Moreover, we also offer a pre-purchase possum inspection service in Adelaide. So, before buying the building, hire us if you have a possum in roof for possum’s inspection. Therefore, our possum inspection and possum removal cost in Adelaide are minimal.

    Backyard Possum Removal

    In addition, we give a backyard possum removal service. Our team will inspect your backyard thoroughly and will suggest treatment based on infestations.

    Under Deck Possum Removal

    We also provide under deck possum removal service. Our trained experts will use organic ways to clean your underdeck. So, call us today and get effective under deck possum removal Adelaide north shore services.

    Emergency Possums Removal Services

    If you don’t know how to deter possums in the roof and in your nearby area. CBD Possum Removal also provides emergency possum removal services in Adelaide. So, if the amount of possum infestations increases day by day, then call us and make a reservation with us and get same day possum removal service at low prices. Hence, we did not charge extra fees from the clients. Our possum catching Adelaide team will try to reach your location as soon as possible once you confirm the meeting. Call our certified experts now and get a free possum removal quote.

    Some Common Sign To Detect Possums Infestations

    The following ways to identify whether your premises have possums infestations or not:

    • If you hear the sound of scratching on the premises, that means you have possum infestations.
    • Possums are likely to have cat food, so disappearing pet food also means having possums in the house.
    • You may smell an unpleasant odour around the premises.
    • If you find a damaged exterior part of the building, that means you have possum pests on the premises.

    Our 3 Step Possum Removal Process

    1. Possum Inspection

    Before jumping into the treatment process, we look out for every possum sign and infestation area. Our possum removalists look out for the area and find the best possible possum removal methods for possum pest control.

    2. Possum Treatment

    After finding out the infestation area, we dive into the treatment stage. We use several effective measures like possum traps, cages, barriers and deterrents to make sure that there will no longer be any possum infestation in your home. Further, we use safe and humane possum-trapping methods to get rid of them without harming them.

    3. Possum Prevention

    Our experts can perform perfect possum prevention and pest control for possums in your home. The top possum removal Adelaide professionals make it a point that your home is no longer infested with a possum or any other such unwanted creatures.

    Difference Between Rats And Possums


    Rats are animals with moderate bodies that are members of the Muridae family. They have long, skinny, hairless tails and are larger than mice. The common names for male and female rats are buck and doe. Being omnivorous, rats will chew on anything that will degrade their teeth and will nibble as much as they can. Rats have a face that is large and ends in a long snout. Their joint positioning of the eyes provides them with a wide field of vision.


    Possums are small to moderate marsupials that are indigenous to Oceania, which includes Australia and the nearby islands. Possums have a lengthy, hairy tail that resembles a bush. A small nose and a round, flat face are present. The eyes are set in front of the face rather than on the sides. They are widespread in suburbs, and the Australian government continues to defend them because of the risks. Possums are available in a variety of colours, including black.

    Installation Of Possum Boxes For Possum Removal In Adelaide

    Possum Nest Box

    To trap possums, we use a possum nest box. With a folded strip of sheet metal, an aluminium angle, or a rubber flap, the top side of the roof should be shut. The lid should overhang by about 120mm to prevent rain from entering. The entry gap should be between 110mm and 120mm wide, and it should be put directly beneath the eaves.

    Possum Control Box

    Furthermore, we use a possums control box to eliminate possums from the premises. As we use boxes to catch the possums and will release them far away from your premises so that it won’t be able to come back. Hence, our service is safe and precise. We also provide possum one way door for possum removal in ceiling.

    Things You Should Understand About Possums

    A possum is a marsupial species of animal. An animal that contains its young kids in a pouch. Opossums are another name for possums. They have sharp noses and long tails. They can weigh up to 13 pounds and are the size of cats. Their fur can be brown, white, or grey. Possums come in 60 different varieties. The Virginia opossum is the most well-known type of possum. Moreover, possums are very cunning pests as they hide in a place that is inaccessible and comes out when no one is present. In Australia, killing possums is restricted. So, our company uses non-harmful ways to remove the possums from the area such as traps.

    Possum Protection Law (Wildlife Act 1974)

    According to the law in Australia, possum pests are protected by Wildlife Act 1974. Hence, in this act, killing, trapping, or releasing possums is restricted to unauthorized persons. Before doing this activity, a company or person should have a license. But, you do not need to worry, our company has all the necessary approval to execute wildlife possum removal treatment. Moreover, our possum removal specialist ensures to safely remove the possums from the premises, instead of killing them. So, call us today and get an ethical Adelaide possum removal and possum trapping service.

    Benefits Of Hiring CBD Possum Removal Services

    There are many benefits and perks you enjoy in hiring the best possum removal Adelaide experts in town. Let us view a few of the advantages below.

    Excellent Services- We provide the best quality roof possum removal services you can find in the market. We are famous for our satisfactory work and brilliant after-service results.

    Skilled Experts- We have excellent skills and experienced professionals who can help you by serving the best possum removal and disposal service in Adelaide.

    Low Prices- The prices we offer are very low than the market so that all our customers can get the best product at the lowest prices.

    24*7 Availability- We are available 24*7 to serve customers and help them solve their problems. For bookings, you can contact us at any time of the day.

    Why Possums Are A Big Health Issue For Your Home?

    1. Possums look like big rats roaming about your home. Well, they are much more disgusting and trouble-causing creatures that can spread a lot of diseases.

    2. Possums multiply really fast and can destroy your home, and furniture and even harm you if your house is infested by them.

    3. Possums carry a lot of bacteria, viruses, and pathogens which can give you chronic diseases. This will also give a rise to your medical bills and cause serious illnesses.

    4. Possums can transmit harmful diseases like tuberculosis, high fever, and leptospirosis from animals to humans. Our top possum catcher near you are highly experienced and make sure your house is not infested by possums.

    We Are Available For Possum Removal Adelaide North Shore Services

    Our humane possum removal service is available to clients 24*7 and 365 days. We also offer residential possum removal service at a low rate in Adelaide and its nearby areas. Moreover, you can call us at any time and avail possum removal free quotes. In addition, you can also book us for end of lease possum removal in nearby areas of Adelaide such as Burnside, Glenelg, Salisbury, Blackwood, Victor Harbor, Kensington, Bowden, Prospect, and Torrensville. So, to book an appointment, contact us on 0488 851 508. Our services also include humane possum removal north Adelaide service!

    emergency possum pest control adelaide


    Yes! On the off chance that you have a dead possum on your property, the experts will right strategy to arrange it. You can call us on the given number oversite. In any case, mailing choice and all-day, everyday client care framework are accessible. Reach out to us and permit us to investigate your home’s or business property’s condition impacted by possums. We will eliminate the dead possum and afterwards will disinfect your property suitably.

    Certainly, the possums are perfect for climate and eco-framework. At exactly the same time, it very well may be hazardous for your property and business space. On the off chance that the possums will pee, it leads to yellow stains behind walls and roofs. It will make the regions look ratty, dull and stinky despite the fact that.

    No, no one is permitted to kill the possums as these are useful to the climate and eco-framework. As indicated by the Wildlife Act, 1975; it is against the law to kill possums. Indeed you can get the possums taken out from your place; yet can’t kill them by any stretch of the imagination. It is totally restricted in the areas to kill possums.

    Possum removal cost in Adelaide vary, but are normally in the $280 to $600 range. Professional services, inspections, building size, repairs, and permits all add to the final cost.

    Reviews: What Our Clients Say About Us!

    Professional & Knowledgeable

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    15 September 2023

    CBD Possum Removal did a fantastic job for us! We had a persistent possum problem in our attic, and they were quick to respond. The technician was professional and knowledgeable. They removed the possums safely and sealed up the entry points. No more late-night disturbances! Highly recommend their services.


    Reasonable Prices

    Rated 4.0 out of 5
    6 September 2023

    I couldn’t be happier with them! We had a possum nesting in our garden shed, causing quite a mess. Their team was courteous and efficient, and they took care of the issue without harming the possum. Great service, and the price was reasonable too!


    Expertise & Professionalism

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    31 August 2023

    They exceeded our expectations! We had possums making a mess in our backyard, and it was becoming a nuisance. The team arrived promptly, assessed the situation, and efficiently trapped and relocated the possums. They even gave us tips on how to prevent future encounters. Highly recommended for their expertise and professionalism!



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