How To Deter Possums From Your Garden?

How To Deter Possums From Your Garden?

Possums can appear to be adorable, cuddly animals. In actuality, though, it can completely ruin your landscape. Possums can be a general nuisance that can lower your quality of life, even if they don’t physically endanger you or your family. Possums love to live in burrows of trees which is why your garden is a suitable place for their habitat. We’ll provide you with some possum removal advice in this blog. By Following simple tips and tricks you can keep possums out of the garden.

How To Deter Possums From Your Garden

Should Possums Be Removed From The Garden?

Possums are known for eating fruits, vegetables, and insects, fruit trees can be a major draw for them. By chewing on the trunk, removing the bark, and devouring the fruit, possums can seriously harm fruit trees and veggies farm of your garden.

These creatures can lead to property damage, such as ransacked birdfeeders, overturned trash cans, and much more. In addition, these critters can potentially transmit diseases to pets and people. They frequently harbour pathogens and parasites like fleas.

Possums can spread diseases such as Coccidiosis, Spotted fever, Chagas Disease, Leptospirosis, Tuberculosis, Tularemia, and many more diseases.

When threatened, they also simulate the scent of sick or dead possums, and the accompanying air pollution will repel any homeowner or visitors.

If you find a possum in your garden or nearby your property then don’t panic and handle the situation with the help of a skilled possum catcher. Experienced possum catchers can help you by catching possums and releasing them in a safe environment as killing them is illegal.

Continue reading to learn more about ways How to deter possums from your garden.

How To Deter Possums From Your Garden?

Possums use their sense of smell to detect potential predators. You can use numerous eco-friendly things to keep at bay. After all the goal is to deter them from your garden not to kill. 

  • Menthol Rub – Apply the menthol cream to areas with overhanging branches or other structures. You can wrap tree branches with cling film and then apply chest rub on top to protect delicate trees.
  • Mothballs – Another method to stop possums from stealing citrus fruit is to hang mothballs in the branches.
  • Garlic– Garlic is another best way to keep possums away from the garden yard.
  • Camphor Balls– Because of their acute sense of smell, some smells literally turn them off like Camphor.
  • Ammonia– You can try hanging an ammonia sachet on a fruit tree. Move it to a different position every night so the possums don’t get used to it.
  • Animal-Based Fertilizers– By using Stink Bomb you can deter possums from the garden. Place these stinky bombs along the possum’s path.
  • Sound emitters – While many people vouch for sound emitters and clickers and they do serve as a deterrent, they can be detrimental to neighbourly relations in a suburban setting, especially if a dog is present.
  • Bleach- Possums are drawn to the fragrance of their own bodies. Possum odours are eliminated and they are deterred from utilizing the same passage to access your garden by spraying bleach on it.
  • Light- Possums like to operate in the shadows, so anything you can put in your garden that resembles a possible predator’s reflected eyes or illuminates as they enter the garden can help scare them away.
  • Motion Sensors: Some suggestions are: Luminous eyes on garden ornamental owls are activated by motion sensors. Motion sensor lights can deter possums from choosing fruit trees by shining a motion sensor solar light on their favourite food plants.
  • Quassia Chips- It is a chip of bark from a south american tree that works as a natural repellent to get rid of possums.

Try these tips to help prevent these nighttime visitors from making a meal in your garden!

Possum Repellents And Their Work

Repellents are substances or tools that aim to impair an animal’s sense of taste, smell, or hearing. Since killing possums should only be used as a last resort, using repellents is a more environmentally acceptable method of possum problem treatment.

Deterrents that rely on how bad they smell prove to be more effective. Whatever method you choose, never use deterrents directly on the possums. Harming possums is not only inhumane, but it is also illegal. 

There are amalgamated repellents such as electronic, natural, and many more which are designed to deter pests. Possums can be deterred by making it difficult for them to enter your garden.

Possum Removal And Garden Maintenance

You might need to do more than just clear up trash and dead leaves to revitalize your garden. It won’t surprise you if you have to revive some plants whose leaves have been partially nibbled off by possums. If blooms are chewed off or destroyed in the aftermath, your fruit trees will also require more attention. You can give professional possum catchers a chance to assist you. You can get excellent possum inspection and removal services through experts.

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