Preventing Possums From Re-entering Your Roof: Tips And Tricks

Preventing Possums From Re-entering Your Roof: Tips And Tricks

Possums are found exclusively in Australasia, which includes the continent of Australia and its numerous neighbouring islands such as New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Tasmania, Celebes, and the Solomon Islands. Their natural habitat is limited to this region, and they are not found anywhere else in the world unless they are in captivity. Possums love to hide on roofs. However, you can capture the possum and release it about 50 meters away from the place. After this, you can follow some tips and tricks that we have discussed in this blog to prevent possums from re-entering your roof. So, if you are noticing possums on your roof, don’t worry. 

Preventing Possums From Re-entering Your Roof Tips And Tricks

How To Remove Possum From Roof? 

The best method for removing possums from the roof is to place traps. Thus, place a trap on the ground or trees that lead to your house roof. You can also place a trap on the roof. But you must know how to place traps for possums. Before placing traps, you must put the bait(fruit) inside the cage. Regardless, some traps can be ignoring elements for possums. Possums can immediately climb tall fences and even on trees. 

After placing a trap, you can wait and watch when the possum enters the cage. Soon after that, you can arrange possum relocation. You must relocate them safely. Moreover, you can also scare possums with a stick and they may go away. 

Tips and Tricks To Prevent Possums from Re-entering Your Roof

Use Repellents

Take a possum repellent and place it on the perimeter of your premise. Moreover, placing the repellent is not harmful to them. As it will not kill the possums but will keep them away. You can use a mixture of water and molasses. Thus spray this mixture on the roof which is a strong repellent for possums. 

Use Smells

You can also use some obnoxious odour that possums hate. Just like humans, possums hate smells of rotten fish, eggs or their predators. Moreover, some other smells which keep possums away from the roof are Garlic, Ammonia and Mothballs. Nevertheless using a homemade solution like vinegar or gasoline will be very effective in preventing possums from re-entering roofs. Also, you can spray this solution on the trees. Moreover, make sure to place these smells on the possum tracks. Importantly make sure never to place these sprays in the soil. 

Play The Loud Sounds

Playing loud sounds is another solution to prevent possums from getting on your roofs. Simply generate loud voices for scaring the tiny possums. However, make sure that these noises are not disturbing others at your house. Thus possums just hate the loud sound and noises. Hence some sounds that possums hate are screaming, grunting or hissing. Thus the above sounds are a powerful tool for preventing possums from the roof. 

Spray Water Hose

Are you seeing possums in your neighbourhood? Just turn on the water hose immediately. A water hose will scare possums from climbing onto your premise roof. However, this step will only work when you see a possum. However, you can’t wait to do this rather than follow the above methods.  

Possum Nesting Box Installation

Possum nesting boxes are an excellent way to provide a habitat for these nocturnal marsupials. To install a possum nesting box, choose a suitable tree at least 5 meters tall and free from surrounding branches. Fix the box securely to the tree using a durable strap or wire. Ensure that the box entrance faces away from prevailing winds and direct sunlight. Finally, place some dry grass or leaves in the box to make it comfortable for possums. Regularly inspect the box to ensure it is still securely fastened and free from debris.


We hope your query, that is, Preventing Possums from Re-entering Your Roof: Tips and Tricks, is solved with the above steps. But if you want to remove possums from your place, contact our CBD Possum Removal professionals as soon as you can. Thus always make sure to hire dedicated experts for removing the possums from your place. Professionals use the best tools and solutions for removing possums from your premises. 

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