Possum Removal Gold Coast

Emergency Possum Removal Service In Gold Coast 

Have you recently seen the possum infestation at your premise? Are you addressing professionals for possum removal service in Gold Coast? Looking for licensed experts for removing the possum from your premise? You can count on our Possum Removal Gold Coast team for the best service. We are even available for the fast possum removal service in Gold Coast. Thus we are skilled experts following the latest techniques to eliminate possums from your place. 

Possum Removal Gold Coast

CBD Possum Removal has trained experts for providing the possum removal service. Hence we can deliver a stress-free possum control service near you. Stop searching for the best possum removal service and contact us at 0488 851 508

Available For The Possum Removal Service In Gold Coast 

With our service, we eliminate possums from your premise completely. Thus, the following are the key services we provide for the current issue that is possum infestation:

  • Dead Possum Removal: With our skilled experts, we are available for dead possum removal. Thus we use modern tools for removing dead possums from your property. 
  • Emergency Possum Removal: Are you in need of a professional possum removal service urgently? Dial us now for emergency possum removal services in Gold Coast. 
  • Same-Day Possum Removal: Our Possum Removal Gold Coast team offers quick service. In simple words, we are available for 24 hours possum removal service in Gold Coast. 
  • Residential Possum Removal: We use a family-friendly solution for offering domestic possum removal services on the Gold Coast. Also, you can contact us at weekends.
  • Commercial Possum Removal: Possums are even common at commercial premises. But worry not, our possum catchers are ready to eliminate them from your commercial properties. 
  • Backyard Possum Removal: Are you hearing a scratching sound from the backyard? If yes, then your yard is suffering from the possum infestation. To avoid further damage, contact us now for backyard possum removal today! 
  • Underdeck Possum Removal: Apart from the backyard, we can also remove the possum from under the deck. For this, we use the latest tools for removing possums from the underdeck. 
  • Possum Removal From Roof: Possums on the roof can damage and make shelter on your roof. Moreover, with safe methods, we can remove possums from your roof today!
  • Pre-purchase Possum Inspection: Are you planning to buy a new house on the Gold Coast? And looking for a pre-purchase possum inspection? Thus contact us 24/7 for pre-purchase possum inspection now!
  • Possum Proofing Service: For possum proofing, very skilled experts are required. Worry less we have a licensed possum trapper for offering the proofing service in Gold Coast.

Type Of Possum We Can Remove In Gold Coast 

If possums are not removed from your place timely, they can cause further damage to your house. Moreover, possums are harmful and risky for your health. Also, possum dropping is very risky and crucial for increasing the bacteria at your place. The common disease caused by possums is tuberculosis. Hence, our Possum Removal Gold Coast team is capable of removing every type of species from your property. Following are some of the possum species we can eliminate: 

Effective Process We Follow For Controlling Possums 

  • Inspection: Our certified professionals will visit your place for the possum inspection. Thus in the possum inspection, we document some of their characteristics. Hence we will find the damage and possum species at your place. 
  • Possum Removal Plan: With a detailed inspection, we will make an effective possum removal plan. However, our possum removal plan is dependent on the outcome and timeline. With the best possum removal service, we have trained experts for making a treatment plan. 
  • Extermination: We remove and relocate the possum away at least 50 meters from your place. Moreover, we don’t kill the possum as it is illegal. Thus the famous method we used for controlling the possum is cage trapping and relocation. 
  • Follow-ups: lastly, we offer the final inspection service so that no possum is left at your place. In the follow-up service, we discuss some possum prevention too. 

How Do We Install Possum Boxes At Your house? 

To control the possum we follow a high-quality process for effective and quick results. Well, we install different possum boxes at different places. Hence some of the possum boxes we install are: 

  • Possum nest box on a tree: Possums climb on trees very easily and commonly. Therefore to control them we place possum boxes on the tree. 
  • Possum control box:  Furthermore, we place the possum control box in the common places of your premise. 
  • Possum Nest box: Using modern ways, we install the possum nest box for the fake attraction. 

Why Choose Us For Possum Removal Service In Gold Coast? 

Our Possum Removal Gold Coast provides complete service to you. Thus with our service, we restore your house environment from diseases. Following are some of the characteristics of our possum removal service: 

  • Same-day possum removal service 
  • Provide pocket-friendly possum control service 
  • Offer transparent service 
  • Local experts for controlling the possums 
  • Customer-friendly service 

24/7 Available For Possum Control Service Near You 

Our Possum Removal Gold Coast team offers reliable service. Moreover, we are available 24/7 for possum control service bookings. You can even count on us during weekends and public holidays too for possum removals. Dial us now for a versatile possum removal service.


Q.1 What is the difference between rats and possums? 

Yes, both possums and rats have harmless tails, but they still differ in some ways. Well, the main difference between them is possums are herbivores, whereas rats are omnivores. 

Q.2 What should I opt for to save my plants from possums? 

To keep the possum away from your plants just hang the lights on or near them. As possum hates lights, they run away from the brighter areas. Thus, in this way, you can save your plants from possums. 

Q.3 How much do you cost for a possum removal service? 

Possum removal service cost depends on various factors. But we can assure you we off a budget-friendly possum removal service in Gold Coast. 

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