How To Remove A Dead Possum From Your Property

How To Remove A Dead Possum From Your Property

You should remove a deceased opossum as quickly as possible, whether you have attempted to deal with the situation on your own or the opossum has walked into your property and died. Decomposing possum carcasses not only stink up the neighbourhood but may also attract other creatures hunting for a meal. Do you wanna know, how to remove a dead possum from your property? It’s necessary to remove dead possums from your property. Still, it’s not always easy to accomplish since they sometimes die in inconvenient places. Therefore, you should hire a professional dead possum removal company to do the job for you.

Remove A Dead Possum From Your Property

Tracking Down The Remains

The sense of smell is frequently the most reliable guide to the position of a corpse. Thus it’s essential to pinpoint the spot where the odour is the greatest. The next step is to look in obscure places, such as the attic, ventilation ducts, or wall cavities, for clues as to where the opossum may have died.

Accessing A Carcass In A Tight Spot

Suppose the carcass isn’t in a readily accessible area. In that case, you may need to consider using a grabber or opening vents to gain a better grip on it so you can take it out. Wear a face mask and safety gear if you enter a small room and if you must cut through drywall to reach the body, do it cautiously and as near as possible. If you are not ready to do it by yourself you can contact a same day possum removal company to do the job.

Placing The Possum’s Dead Body In A Bag

The fleas and ticks on the opossum’s corpse may still be alive, so it’s essential to wear protective gear and gloves before transferring the body to a heavy-duty trash bag. When you’re done, double-bag it to make sure nothing gets out, and then knot the top shut. If you have to wait a while for the corpse to be retrieved, you should put it in a sealed box so that the smell doesn’t spread and attract other animals.

Getting Rid Of The Body

Once the body is bagged, it may be thrown away with the trash or burned. The one thing you shouldn’t do is bury the body since certain animals in the wild may scent it and dig it out, causing further trouble.

Methods For Disposing Of A Possum’s Body

There are no other marsupials in North America. Still, possums and opossums (which appear quite similar to rodents) are the lone exceptions. Like kangaroos and koalas, they carry their young in a pouch until they are weaned. In the face of a predator, a possum has little chance of survival due to its poor speed. When confronted, possums play dead rather than flee.

They snore and breathe extremely slowly as they lie immobile and drool. It is thus imperative that you double-check the possum’s death before getting rid of it. Know how to remove a dead possum from your property and dispose of its body in a righteous manner. 

  1. Give the possum about four hours of alone time. Typically, a possum will play dead for little more than four hours. After awakening, they wriggle their ears and begin to move.
  2. If the possum hasn’t moved after four hours, you should approach it. If the possum is a female, you should check her pouch for any surviving young. To protect baby possums, wrap them with a fluffy towel. Get in touch with a local organization that helps injured or orphaned animals and hand them baby possums.
  3. Avoid getting your bare hands near the deceased possum by donning a pair of disposable plastic or rubber gloves. The gloves are a barrier between you and the possum in case it is infected.
  4. Wrap the possum’s body securely in a plastic trash bag.
  5. Put the trash bag in a covered trash container. It might also be stored in a box made of cardboard and sealed with tape. Scavengers won’t be able to get at the body and tear the plastic bag apart if you keep it in a sealed container.
  6. Leave the trash pail or box at the curb for collection.
  7. The gloves should be discarded, and thorough washing with soap and water performed.

Removal of Possums: A Crucial Task

If you don’t believe it’s necessary to remove the deceased possum from a given area, you’re asking for trouble. A dead animal in the house may bring on a host of health problems, not to mention a terrible odour and an uncomfortable atmosphere. These issues may seem minor at first, but they have the potential to become severe illnesses if not addressed. Having a dead possum around the house may cause several issues, some of which are listed below. Possum corpses are breeding grounds for a wide variety of pathogenic microbes. These bacteria may cause respiratory and other health issues. Finding a dead possum in your home or place of business increases your risk of disease transmission.

Dead Possums Can Be Removed Quickly, Which Has Benefits!

It is very significant to understand, how to remove a dead possum from your property. Possum carcasses may provide an unexpected and immediate threat to human health. The sooner you call CBD Possum Removal for help, the sooner you can kick back and avoid unpleasant odours, germs, and other nuisances. After the deceased possums have been removed, the area is sanitized and disinfected for optimal usage. Infection and illness are less likely to spread as a result. So, it is better to call for professional possum removalists whenever you find a dead possum on your property. 

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