Possum Removal Paddington

Hire Industry Experts For Possum Removal Paddington Service With Our Help

CBD Possum Removal is operating from the same region you are staying, that is Paddington and serving possum removal services. With certified possum removal Paddington experts to count on, you can make yourself free from the hassle of removing them yourself. We work as a team of different experts that are knowledgeable in guidelines, laws and regulations to be followed; regarding the safety of possums. Moreover, for a quick one-on-one chat with our possum catcher, you can dial us at 0488 851 508

Possum Removal Paddington

Our Professionals Are Always Ready To Make Your Possum-Free In Different Ways 

As we understand how to risk a possum population can put you through of threatening your child’s safety by spreading diseases. So, quickly get in touch with us to make your Paddington property free of possums and their babies as soon as possible. 

Dead Possum Removal Service

The removal of a dead possum is as harder as removing a live possum as the dead start decaying very soon emitting bad odours. So, do not take this task upon yourself and leave it to our dead possum removal that always works near our clients, 24/7/365 days. 

Emergency Possum Removal Service

If possums started breeding and you keep noticing baby possums across your property, get in touch with us for emergency service. We are a qualified team in Paddington that enjoy providing the best and most effective emergency possum removal service. 

Same Day Possum Removal Service

With the high demand from clients of residential and commercial spaces, we came up with the same-day possum control service. Also, we started taking initiative in accepting client service booking from dawn till dusk even on public off and week offs. 

Residential Possum Removal Service

Despite the time and climatic conditions in your residential premise, possums enter to damage your Paddington property. But with us here, you can be worry-free to find a suitable company that saves your rooftops, shingles, attic area and many more.

Commercial Possum Removal Service

It might be a hard task for you to maintain your commercial property into a possum-free one, but this is not the case with our professionals. In fact, we take commercial possum removal service as a challenge and offer it to malls, shops, manufacturing industries, etc. 

Backyard Possum Removal Service

DIY tips, tricks or hacks wouldn’t work in the backyard as it is possums territory but with our experience, we can even tackle this problem. So, make a call on our company number to hire our certified professional time and avail of backyard possum removal service. 

Possum Removal From Roof 

If you do not know how to remove possum from the roof, then you can keep the responsibility of removing them in our accredited hands. In fact, we use deterrents such as spotlights, spikes and sprays, to do safe and immediate removal of possums from the roof. 

Underdeck Possum Removal Service

Underdeck possums are opportunistic pests that not just steal away your peaceful sleep at night but food and water too. Therefore, do not take any kind of chance with them to stay at your underdecks and take our help with natural methods for possum removal

Pre-Purchase Possum Inspection Service

When possums find unoccupied areas, they invade to make it theirs and so take us for pre-purchase before your purchase a property. Because we have a specialised team of experts that are encouraged to mainly do only pre-purchase inspection service.

Possum Proofing Service

Does your garden have possums and DIY hacks that are not showing any positive results? Then count on us for possum proofing service. A few of our possum-proofing methods are adding deterrents, fencing out the possums, adding repellents to the garden and such. 

A List Of Different Possum Types We Remove In Paddington 

You are obviously under threat of possums spreading different diseases if any of the possum types enter your Paddington property. Therefore, look for our possum removal Paddington team near you to get rid of the following list of different possum types:

  • Mountain brushtail possums 
  • Common brushtail possums
  • Common ringtail possums
  • Phalangeridae
  • Northern brushtail possums 
  • Southern common cuscus
  • Yellow-bellied gliders
  • Short-eared possums
  • Copper brushtail possums 
  • Phalanges, and many other possums. 

A Well-Executing Process For Possum Removal 

With our possum removal Paddington team by your side, everything on your part becomes easy as use advanced technology. See below to know how we make your Paddington property free of possums and their families with our possum pest control process.

  1. Inspecting The Infested Area 

Our licensed team takes up the possum removal service with a thorough inspection of the infested area. Here is where we identify the possum types that invade your property. In addition to this, we also determine and confirm the severity of the possum infestation at your property. 

  1. Possum Removal Treatment Plan

Then, from the results of the inspection, we tailor a possum removal treatment plan. This plan majorly includes treatment timeliness, results you can expect and where we free the caught possums. Also, we take your consent before proceeding with the treatment plan. 

  1. Possum Removal Process

Once you finalise the treatment plan you want us to execute, we remove possums even from the roof. After that, we release all those possums we catch 50 meters within your property range. Later, we block all the access points. 

  1. Documentation & Follow-Up

One last step of our possum removal process is nothing but documentation and follow-up. In the documentation, we provide you with all the details from the beginning till the end. 

We Also Install Possum Boxes In Paddington Properties

If you are a person from a commercial place or a residential premise, you can always save your property by installing possum boxes. So, if you decide to go with it, there is no better choice than to choose our possum removal Paddington team. 

  • Possum Nest Box On A Tree 

Possums are protected pests of the Australian government and thus we resorted to installing possum nest boxes on a tree on your property. The appearance of these possum nest boxes is built in such a way that possums find them attractive and stay there. 

  • Possum Control Box

We install these possum control boxes nearly 3.6 to 4mm from the ground in a place that can be easily seen by a possum. When installing a possum control box, we make the opening facing towards the possum entry. 

  • Possum Nest Box 

In addition to the above boxes, we also install a possum nesting box as it offers safe refuge to all possums. This way, we plan to attract common brushtail possums as they obligate to use hollow users. 

How Did We Become The Most Recommended Team In Newtown? 

From providing unique methods for total possum removal service to installing possum boxes, our company benefits you in many ways. In addition to both of these, there are also a few merits that made us the most recommended team in Newtown like below: 

  • The possum removal cost we charge for different types of possums satisfies your concerns as they are affordable 
  • The possum pest control solutions we utilise for complete possum removal are eco-friendly and family-friendly
  • Advanced technology is all our possum trapper believes when it comes to the removal of possums in hidden areas of your property 
  • Alternative payment options are available for every client in Newtown 
  • We dispatch local, certified, licensed and well-trained possum removal Newtown professionals 
  • If there comes the necessity for customised techniques for possum control, we tailor them on the spot

We Are Locals Of Paddington & Thus Available 24/7 For Services Near You

As we have local professionals working for the possum removal Paddington service, we take 24/7 appointments to provide in-time aid. Moreover, with our help, you can even make your property free of possums and get additional tips on how to prevent the future entry of possums. 


What are the common damages a property gets to experience because of possums? 

Possum damages your property gets to experience are as follows: 
– Possums chew electrical wires
– These pests create nests in insulation and damage them
– Urinate on rooftops and ceilings which in turn spread diseases. 

Why do I keep hearing noises coming from possums only at night? 

Possums are nocturnal pests, which means they are active only during night times of the year. Thus, you keep hearing possums hissing, scratching, growling, shrieking and more such noises.

When can I expect your professionals’ arrival to remove the possum from the roof? 

For roof possum removal or any such possum removal service, we arrive within an hour of bookings for the service. So, depend on our trustworthy team of expert aid!

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