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Possums are usually not that much of a threat but they can be really troublesome at times. If you notice that there are possums nesting in your house or around your property, then it is better to take proper measures to remove them. Our company CBD Possum Removal can help you get rid of them. We have certified possum removal Northern Beaches team to take care of all your possum-related issues. So contact us on 0488 851 508 to book a service.

Possum Removal Northern Beaches

Our Services For Possum Removal In Northern Beaches

Get in touc with our Possum Removal Northern Beaches experts and get rid of all possum problems in no time. 

Dead Possum Removal: Having dead possums in or around your house might be uncomfortable because it emits a foul odor. Our professionals with their unique equipment and techniques will easily get rid of them. 

Emergency Possum Removal: Having possums running around your house is obviously not a good sign when guests are arriving. We provide the best possum removal service, and therefore, we provide emergency services as well. 

Same-Day Possum Removal: We provide same-day services. Meaning, you get possum-free place within 24 hours of booking us!

Removing Possums From Residents: Having possums in your residence is indeed a big issue as they cause a lot of trouble.  So, call us for safe residential possum removal in Northern Beaches.

Commercial Possum Removal:  If there are possums running around in your workplace then they will disrupt the quiet environment, hat is required to work peacefully. Contact us for effective possum removal from office spaces. 

Backyard Possum Removal:  Having possums in your garden might or might not be that much of a threat because they will eat up all the tiny insects and slugs. At the same time, they might enter your house and damage your property. Therefore it is better to take measures for removing them. Contact us to make the possum relocation easy for you!

Removing Possums From Your Ceiling: If a possum builds its nest in your house, it will mostly build it on the roof or the ceiling. Having possums inside your house is of course not healthy so call us to get rid of them. 

Pre-Purchase Inspection and Removal: If you are buying a house, of course, you want it to be safe as you are investing a lot of money in it. Contact us to have a quick inspection just to be sure if there are any possums living inside and if there are, we will remove them. 

Removing Possums From Under The Deck:  If you notice that there are possums nesting under the deck of your house, then serious measures are to be taken because they can be harmful to your pets. Call us for removing them in an easy and professional way. 

Types of Possums That We Remove In Northern Beaches

We are trained enough to remove any specie of possum. Down below are mentioned a few species of possums that we usually get to remove in Northern Beaches.

  • Brush-tailed PossumsThis is the most common specie of possums that we remove because they are available in large numbers in Northern Beaches. Call for professional possum removal today!
  • Green tail Possums: These possums generally have thick soft fur that is greenish in color and our experts can remove them. 
  • Pygmy Possums: Our experts also remove these species which mainly feed on nectar and insects. They might be very troublesome as well so if you need to get rid of these or any kind of possum, you can contact us. 

Our Process of Removing Possums in Northern Beaches

We provide our customers with the best possum removal Northern Beaches services, and below are mentioned a few steps that we like to follow while carrying out the process of removing possums. 

  • Arriving On Time: The moment we get a call from a customer who has booked a service, we reach the given destination right on time, without any delay. 
  • Inspecting: Before beginning the process of removing possums, our experts will do an inspection beforehand. Just to know the exact place where the possums have built their nest and also to know about their entry and exit points. 
  • Sanitizing The Place: Now, this step is optional but if required, we will sanitize the place properly. In this way, we can get rid of the possums more easily. 
  • Spot Cleaning: Stains of the possum discharges might be there and the foul smell might also disrupt the entire environment of the house. We will clean the spot to get rid of the stain and also to get rid of the foul smell. 
  • Using a Trap Box: We also use a trap box to carefully trap the possum and then release it in some place away from your property, where it can survive. In this way, we get rid of the possums. 
  • Inspecting For a Final Time: Lastly, our experts will do a final inspection just to be sure that they completely got rid of the possum or possums that were nesting in and to check if they left out any stains. 

Installing A Possum Box  

Our possum catchers also install possum boxes. It works as an alternative home for these creatures, keeping them safe and giving them a more private environment. 

Hanging Possum Box To A Tree:  It is necessary to hang their nest box to a tree and make sure that it is at least 3 meters above the ground level. It will keep them safe from predators. 

Possum Control Box:  We use these boxes to control the possums by trapping them carefully and releasing them in some place safe and away from your house. Some places where they can be safe.

Nesting Box For Possums: These creatures invade the houses of us humans because of the lack of shelter. This box works as another home from them where they can be safe. 

Why Choose Us?

Written below are the main things you might like to go through. Know what makes us special for possum removal:

  • Budget Friendly: We provide possum removal Northern Beaches services at a very budget-friendly price. So if you are looking for a company that will provide proper service of possum removal in exchange for an affordable budget, you can contact us. 
  • Friendly to The Environment:  The pesticide sprays that our experts use are all friendly to the environment and therefore would not cause any kind of health problems. 
  • Locally Based: We provide our services in Northern Beaches and in the neighbouring areas. Stop searching for a local company for removing possums, and call us.
  • Emergency Service: We are here to back you up with quick possum removal service Northern Beaches wide.
  • We Are Available 24/7: Our experts stay active day and night to provide you with the best service of possum removal Northern Beaches. Call us at any time of the day and make a booking!

Quality Services Available In Your Local Area


How frequently I need possum removal services?

Take possum removal every 6 months if you live in a possum-prone areas of Northern Beaches. 

Are you licensed for possum removal?

Yes, we are certified and fully licensed to carry out possum removal methods. 

Can I book you for a Sunday for pre-purchase possum inspection?

Sure, you can! We are readily serving on weekends and holidays. 

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