Possum Removal Toowoomba

Certified Possum Removal Service In Toowoomba 

Possum fast-moving and yowling sounds can disturb you. Moreover, possums at your house can be the main reason for your health issues. So, for controlling them just hire our possum removal service. CBD Possum Removal has certified possum catchers for delivering the best service. Moreover, our experts have full knowledge and resources for controlling every type of possum species. Thus from property possum inspection to installing the cage, our experts are capable of doing everything. Even our Possum Removal Toowoomba team makes sure to provide service safely. Also, we are well aware of laws related to controlling possums. So are you looking for the best possum removal service? Then contact us at 0488 851 508

Possum Removal Toowoomba

Amazing Possum Removal Services We Offer 

Possums are very tenacious pests, once they find that your house is safe for them. Then they may continue to enjoy your place for many years. So after knowing that your house is suffering from possum infestation, you must contact us quickly. Along with offering possum removal service, we are available for the following services: 

  • Dead Possum Removal: We are specialists in removing dead possums from your place. Moreover, we have a team of experts who offer dead possum removal services in Toowoomba and all suburbs. 
  • Emergency Possum Removal: With highly skilled and friendly experts, we are available for the emergency possum removal service in Toowoomba. So, contact us now to schedule an appointment. 
  • Same-Day Possum Removal: Possums are very fast at spreading many serious diseases. Well, worry not before spreading disease we can control them with our same-day possum removal service. 
  • Residential Possum Removal: Along with controlling the possum with the best methods we are also ready to provide residential possum removal service. Count on us now for the residential possum removal service. 
  • Commercial Possum Removal: We are also the finest at tailoring the commercial possum removal service in Toowoomba. Contact us now for the commercial possum removal service. 
  • Backyard Possum Removal: Possum’s favourite place at your house is your backyard. And we have experienced experts for executing the backyard possum removal service. 
  • Underdeck Possum Removal: Possums stay for a long time if they feel comfortable at your place. Moreover, they like to live in dark places. Thus contact us now for excellent underdeck possum removal service. 
  • Possum Removal From Roof: Are you looking for a professional who can easily eliminate possums from your roof area? So, quickly call our experts for standard possum removal from the roof. 
  • Pre-purchase Possum Inspection: Get ready for enjoying the finest pre-purchase possum inspection service. Yes, we have trained experts for tailoring the pre-purchase possum inspection service in Toowoomba. 
  • Possum Proofing Service: Possum proofing is the most difficult job for a homeowner. Well, we are very experienced in providing the possum proofing service. Thus for a reliable possum proofing service, call us!

Types Of Possums We Can Remove In Toowoomba 

Our Possum Removal Toowoomba team has the best arrangements for offering excellent service. Moreover, we are ready to serve you anytime and anywhere for possum removal services in Toowoomba. Well, we are available for controlling all types of possums at your place. The two most common possum species we can remove in Toowoomba are the white-faced possum and the sprite possum. And, the other possum species we remove are: 

Steps We Follow For Removing The Possum From Your Premise 

Our Possum Removal Toowoomba team follows a very effective and efficient process for controlling them. Thus, we follow the simple process for controlling the possum productively which is as follows: 

  • Possum Inspection: Our possum trapper will visit your location for a detailed inspection. As per the inspection, we will follow every instruction. Moreover, in the inspection, we will identify the type of possum species and damage to your property. 
  • Treatment plan: According to the possum inspection, we make the best treatment plan to control them. Our possum treatment plan is related to the expected outcome and timeline. 
  • Possum Controlling: We trap the possums and release them away about 50 meters. As per law, we don’t kill possums as it’s illegal. The common method we use for possum control is trapping. 
  • Post-Inspection: After completing the job, we provide a post-inspection to check whether our service has been performed right or not. Moreover, we share some preventative measures too. 

Installation Of Possum Boxes At Your Property 

We follow the best possum installation box method to keep your house possums-free. Following are the methods we use for controlling the possums:

  • Possum nest box on a tree: Our experts place a possum nest box on a tree to save your backyard and the garden. 
  • Possum Control Box: We then place the possum control box at your premises. So whenever a possum enters, your possum gets attracted to these control boxes. 
  • Possum Nest Box: Furthermore, we will put a possum nest box so that they live safely without disturbing you and your family. 

Why Are We Best For Possum Removal Service? 

Our possum removal Toowoomba team offers a productive service with certified experts. Also, we have insured experts for controlling the possum from your place effectively. Hence, some other features of your possum removal service are:

  • Use the finest solution for controlling possums
  • Experienced and best possum removal team
  • Customer-friendly service
  • Available during weekends for possum removal service
  • Budget-friendly treatments

Available 24/7 For Possum Removal Services In Toowoomba 

We are marked as the top possum removal company in Toowoomba. Also, we are 24/7 available for booking the possum removal service. Apart from this, you can rely on us on weekends too for possum removal service. 


Q.1 Do you use any toxic chemicals for controlling possums? 

No, we make sure to use only safe and chemical-free substances for controlling the possums. Thus for a safe possum controlling service call us. 

Q.2 Are you having licensed experts for controlling the possums? 

Yes, our Possum Removal Toowoomba team includes certified experts for controlling them. Thus contact us right now to provide the finest possum control service. 

Q.3 What type of smell does a possum hate? 

Some common smells disliked by possums are garlic, pet fur, and mothballs. Thus you can use these smells to keep the possum away from your property. 

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