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Most of Chadstone’s 3 major possum species are harmful. Possums may only destroy gardens and yards with eradication. Once they get in, they will also infiltrate roofs, garages, basements, and storage facilities. Once in, possum removal is challenging. They won’t leave their territory. If you need possum control, get professionals to catch and remove them. Hire a Possum Removal Chadstone professional from CBD Possum Removal for ultimate results. Give us a call at 0488 851 508!

Possum Removal Chadstone

Our Possum Removal Services

Possums are only eliminated by following humane capture and removal methods. Contact your neighbourhood’s best possum control company CBD Possum Removal right now.

Dead Possum Removal

Remove it immediately if you have dead possums on your property. Our Possum Removal Chadstone experts can find and remove dead possums.

Emergency Possum Removal

Our Possum Removal Chadstone experts can remove them the same day if the infestation and damage are severe. Our humane trapping methods, significant experience, and industry-leading standards make us the best possum removal experts.

Residential Possum Removal

We exterminate possums in residences. Possums can create nightmares at your home or personal property. Contact our professionals for help, so you don’t have to deal with possums.

Commercial Possum Removal

We remove possums from commercial places. Do you want to get rid of possum herding around your office? You can use our Possum Removal Chadstone experts to remove them safely.

Backyard Possum Control

If possums are bothering your backyard, choose the top Possum Removal Experts so that you don’t have to deal with annoying possums in your backyard or garden area and can enjoy them peacefully.

Underdeck Possum Removal

Arranging the best action for Underdeck Possum Removal, we have the best and safest option. We have been removing possums for more than 20 years in Chadstone.

Roof Possum Removal

Contact us immediately if you think a possum is living on your roof. So that your home can become safe and free from possums in future. Hire our experts today for roof possum removal at affordable prices.

Pre-purchase Possum Inspection

Before buying a house, have our experts inspect and remove possums. So that you can ensure that the area you are going to purchase is free from possums.

Possum Proofing Service

Possum proofing, which we provide for residential and commercial properties, prevents possums from returning to your place. We guarantee that Possums won’t be returning to your area.

Different Types of Possums in Australia

Our Professional Possum Removal Process

  • Before doing anything more, our team for Possum Removal Chadstone inspects the area where you have spotted possums to see how many there are and why they are hanging out there.
  • One or more cages are erected as required. To entice possums, we stocked the cage with food.
  • We wait for the possums. A day is not out of the question. They will wander into the trap of their own will.
  • We have a strategy for their relocation once they are captured. We are prohibited by law from departing more than 50 meters away. And thus, we conform to this regulation.
  • If necessary, we will return to your home as often as possible to exterminate the possum population.

Choose Our Possum Box Installation

For this, we have come upon Possum Box Installation so that a Possum can live without danger and get proper protection. Here are some of the services we provide:

Possum Nest Box On A Tree

If you find any possums in your area, you can contact us, as we can arrange a possum nesting box on a tree.

Possum Control Boxes

Possum control boxes are something that we currently have available. Possums in and around your property may find sanctuary in specially designed boxes.

Possum Nest Box 

Possums may benefit from well-maintained nest boxes, even if they can’t match the variety of hollows found in an old-growth tree.

The Reasons to Hire Us for Possum Control in Chadstone

  • Use of safe and humane methods
  • Licensed and verified technicians
  • All time available
  • Emergency possum removal services
  • Best customer support
  • Team of local professionals

Call Us Anytime For Possum Removal Service In Chadstone And Nearby Areas

Possums lurking in your home’s shadows, on your deck, or in your crawl space? We are available 24/7 to solve your problems. We know how dangerous possums can be when they are roaming around your house. Our team is well-known for responding quickly and promptly to possum removal in Chadstone and nearby suburbs. 


What kind of damage may possums cause to my roof, if any?

Yellow stains might be left on your ceiling or walls from possum urine leaking through the roof. They also have a nasty habit of defecating all over the attic.

Does CBD Possum Removal have insurance?

Yes, our company has full coverage insurance.

How long will it be until I no longer have a possum problem?

Controlling possums takes time. It will happen eventually! How long it takes depends on how many possums you have and how long they have been on your roof.

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