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Humane And Efficient Solutions For Possum Removal In Bayswater

CBD Possum Removal provides humane and efficient solutions in Bayswater. We offer possum removal and possum proofing services to keep them out of your home permanently. Our Possum Removal Bayswater staff has extensive training and knowledge in the area of possum control. When we remove a possum, we never utilise techniques that endanger the animal. Call us now at 0488 851 508!

Possum Removal Bayswater

Professional Possum Trapping and Removal By Our Team

We’ve been in the possum removal industry for a long time because we consistently put the requirements of our customers first. We are capable of removing possums and meeting any of your needs. As you can see, our customers have a very positive opinion of the quality, speed, and dependability of our service.

Bring this to our attention if you locate a possum on the roof or notice possums that appear to have just died inside the house simply because we are the best company in Bayswater to remove deceased possums at a reasonable price. In addition, you can schedule a time for dead animal pickup, even on holidays.

  • Emergency Possum Removal

We’ve got your back all the time. The early hours of the morning are not off limits to the occurrence of emergencies that demand immediate attention. We offer 24/7 emergency Possum Removal Bayswater for situations like these. We work hard to provide services that are both immediate and permanent.

  • Same-Day Possum Removal

We offer same-day service, so if you need a possum catchers, there’s no need to schedule ahead of time. We provide a same-day relocation strategy to facilitate prompt and easy possum capture and removal.

  • Residential Possum Removal

Try our residential possum removal services if you need help removing possums around your house. Capturing possums on the day of the investigation saves time and money. 

  • Commercial Possum Removal

Our Possum Removal Bayswater team can safely and effectively remove possums from restaurants and offices. We may install permanent possum cages and trap boxes to prevent business disruption. You must remember that provoking a possum is illegal. 

If you see a possum in your backyard, we’d appreciate it if you’d let us know. We offer the most competitive rates in Bayswater to remove possums. We know how to handle possums in backyards. Once we have relocated the possums from your property, you must take measures to prevent them and any other possums from returning to their former home.

We can even eliminate possums that have taken up residence in the space beneath your deck. The professionals we employ will catch possums and remove them safely. Get in touch with us today for efficient possum removal from under your deck.

  • Removal of a Possum From the Roof

Our team removes possums from the roof. We will find the points of entrance and seal them so that possums don’t keep coming back. Due to regulations prohibiting the relocation of possums further than 50 metres from the property line, possum-proofing is vital to preventing possums from entering your property area.

  • Possum Checkup Before Buying A House

Before purchasing a home, if you know there has been a problem with possums, you can consult our pre-purchase possum inspection plan. It will let you know whether there is a potential for possums on the site. Our Humane Possum Removal Bayswater experts will assess your home’s layout and your concerns before developing a customised strategy for possum protection.

Possums We Catch And Release In Australia

The possum variety in Australia is well-known. The possum is a Didelphimorphia animal. Possum fur may be cosier than wool. Australia protects possums. Many of Australia’s 23 possum species live nearby. Two species are known for yapping on residential roofs at night. Possums often live on suburban roofs, necessitating possum removal services. Below are several possums:

  • Long-tailed Possum with a Brush for a Tail

It is because brushtail possums are a very social species that values communication within and amongst its social group. It occurs primarily in wooded areas and woods. Since then, it has become Australia’s most widespread possum.

  • Ringtail Possum

It’s not uncommon to see a ringtail possum in the wild in Adelaide. It collects various plant materials, including blossoms, leaves, fruits, and others. It’s also grey with an orange tail.

  • Lesser Possums or Pygmies

There are no other possum species as small as the pygmy possum. Not only that, but it prefers to make its home on the hills.

  • It’s a possum’s life, honey.

The average lifespan of a honey possum is 1–2 years. Honey has several health benefits, and 7 millilitres a day is the equivalent of drinking 50 litres of soft drinks.

  • Species of Possum with a Green Tip on its Tail

The green ringtail possum is a species unique to Australia’s northern regions. It sets it apart from the remainder of its genus, which is unique to the nearby islands.

  • An example of a Possum with a Scaly Tail

The scaly-tailed possum is endemic to the Kimberley region of northwest Australia. Its snout and ears are relatively short, and it is mostly grey.

Getting Rid of Possums Is Easy With Our 5-Step Plan

  1. Get a free price estimate and phone consultation.

We guarantee that after our free initial phone consultation, you will fully believe in our ability to eliminate possum problems. We can usually tell what kind of pest is making noises on your roof, and we’ve addressed numerous issues just by talking to customers over the phone, saving them money and time.

  1. Inspect the Premises

As part of our initial visit, we thoroughly check the entire structure, looking for any entrance points or other potential problems that may require repairs. In the unlikely event that we discover further work is required, we will provide a free estimate before continuing.

  1. Get rid of possums 

When we find an area where possums are getting in, we seal it off with a one-way door that lets them out but keeps them out. Possums are humanely removed using traps and cages. 

  1. Treat and seal the property

Sheet metal, wire mesh, timber, or other suitable materials block off unused entry openings to prevent possums from reentering your building. After our second inspection, we found that all of the entrances to the building had been sealed, making it possum-proof.

  1. Offer a Guarantee

Our 1-year, 100% satisfaction guarantee covers possums’ return home. If we cannot remove the possums, we will refund and release our fixes. 

Possum Box Installation For Efficient Removal

Possum Nest Box On A Tree:

A possum nest box catches possums. To protect against rain, the lid rim must protrude 120 mm. The access hole should be 110–120 millimetres wide. We set it properly on a tree to stop possums from entering your home. 

Possum Control Box:

We install a possums control box as we utilise boxes to trap them and release them far away from your premises so they won’t be able to return. 

Possum Nest Box:

Our service is reliable because of this. We also offer a one-way possum door for use in attic clearance. This provides possums with a safe home. 

If You Need A Possum Catcher, Why Should You Use Us?

If you need a Possum Removal Bayswater team, go no further than CBD Possum Removal. Our solid reputation is the result of years in the industry and our dedication to providing excellent service. Our work is guaranteed to be of the greatest standard. Check out the many benefits of choosing us.

  • Regarding preventing and eliminating possums, no one is more trustworthy than our team of professionals.
  • You will never have to stress over a thing when you retain our services.
  • We can remove possums from your home or business immediately.
  • Up-to-date knowledge and cutting-edge equipment are the foundations on which our specialists build their work.
  • Every precaution is used during the possum removal process.
  • Cost-effectiveness is a priority. Thus we set our prices accordingly.
  • We also provide no-cost price estimates if you’re interested.

For Local Possum Control in Bayswater, Call Us Anytime!

Professional Possum Removal Bayswater services are found at CBD Possum Removal. Regardless of your location in Bayswater, we know how to tackle these small critters. In addition, we offer deceased possum removal services that are hassle-free for you. We can remove a dead possum from your Bayswater property the day you call. Thus, for the experienced local possum removal team, contact us.

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Do you apply any harmful substances to remove the possum?

No, we do not use any such substances. Our methods are made with the utmost regard for nature and the highest industry standards.

How much does it typically cost to have a possum removal?

The final price of using the service depends on various criteria. Any communication from you is greatly appreciated. Get in touch with us using the conversation window, email, or the phone number provided. It starts from $170. 

Do you have the proper credentials to get rid of the possum?

Yes, we are licenced to perform Possum Removal in Bayswater, and our team members have extensive experience and training in humanely capturing possums.

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