Possum Removal Newtown

Fully Licensed & Skilled Experts For Possum Removal In Newtown 

CBD Possum Removal manages all the areas in Newtown by dispatching a fully licensed and skilled team of professionals. In fact, we gave a strong reputation in Newtown with one of the reasons being the very same reason skills and license. Our possum removal Newtown company can also assure you of effective methods and the best results as outcomes. In fact, we are also trained exclusively to remove possum from roofs. Thus, do contact to hire us by calling 0488 851 508

Possum Removal Newtown

Different Possum Types And Their Removal Services 

Based in Newtown, from the day one we started operating we slowly became a company that understands client needs and requests. Moreover, we also meet all of the client’s reasonable requirements with our possum removal Newtown services. 

Dead Possum Removal Service

We offer instant dead possum removal service as we do not want to breathe unpleasant odours and get also to not get any diseases. In fact, we know how to inspect when there is a dead possum in your property and the inspection from the attic of a property.

Emergency Possum Removal Service

Are you in search of a possum trapper team that is certified to remove even in case of emergencies on a single call? Count us in. We have a specialised emergency possum removal team that has unparalleled knowledge in customising a possum removal method.

Same Day Possum Removal Service

As experts of Newtown, we have expertise in offering same day possum pest control and removal service in a timely manner. Thus, we became one of the popular companies in the area that especially leads same-day possum removalists. 

Residential Possum Removal Service

Did you find the most obvious signs of possums at your academic institution but do not know how to process the next action? Get our experts to work for you. Despite the residential property size and shape, we complete the home possum removal service with prompt actions.

Commercial Possum Removal Service

Are you afraid as a restaurant owner that your customers might get exposed to droppings of possums when eating? Stop possums movement with our commercial possum removal service. We have the best methods to execute!

Backyard Possum Removal Service

Backyards are one area of any property that easily attracts possums along with their families and this is when you need to call us. Because we take necessary action before possums even enter your indoors and help you with all the ongoing prevention measures. 

Possum Removal From Roof 

When you contact us for possum removal from the roof, we inspect the complete areas for any damages and then seal away the area. After that, our possum trapper uses one-way traps to catch possums and leave them in wildlife that is just 50m away from your property. 

Underdeck Possum Removal Service

Removing an underdeck possum all on your own can put you under serious threat of possums biting, scratching or hissing at you. Thus, get our possum catcher to your property and get rid of underdeck possums with fencing, use of possum traps and other such ways. 

Pre-Purchase Possum Inspection Service

Before you plan to fix your mind on purchasing a new house in Newtown, do you want to take our help in pre-purchase? We are glad to help you. After inspection, we also give you detailed information on the type of possum invasion, level of possum infestation, etc. 

Possum Proofing Service

There is a wide range of effective possum-proofing ways like cage trapping, electrical shocks, fencing and way door trapping, etc. In fact, we even proof your property in such a way that possums in the property find no way in escaping from your place. 

A Wide Range Of Possums We Remove In Newtown 

Not just kids but also you cannot be put under threat of possums and their different types in your residential and commercial spaces. So, take our help in getting rid of the wide range of possums that attack Newtown properties like the following ones: 

  • Common brushtail possums
  • Common ringtail possums
  • Short-eared possums
  • Yellow-bellied gliders
  • Mountain brushtail possums
  • Phalangeridae
  • Savanna glider
  • Northern brushtail possums
  • Phalanger
  • Coppery brushtail possums, and so and so forth. 

Here Is What We Do As A Process For Possum Removal In Newtown 

There are many effective processes we would like to execute in order to remove possums and one such is the following method. In fact, the possum removal Newtown process we mentioned here gives your effective results for sure. 

  1. Property Inspection 

Our possum catcher starts the removal process of the possum with property inspection. During this step, we check for all the possible hidden areas of possums and other entry points. Also, we identify the possum type and the infestation it created on your property. 

  1. Possum Removal Method

We have different customised methods for live and dead possum removal for residential and commercial spaces. So, on finding the results from the inspection, we accordingly inform you of those results. After that, we take the situation into consideration to plan and customise a treatment plan like follows:

  • For Live Possums: Traps, electric shocks, spikes, fences, one-way doors, cages and repellents
  • For Dead Possums: Burrial, digesters, composting incineration and rendering.
  1. Post-Inspection & Ongoing Prevention 

Once we carefully remove possums and their colonies, we do the post-inspection step. This is because we do not want to overlook other hideouts of possums. After that, our possum trapper installs a plastic barrier around your property. The final step is to give you advice on ongoing prevention.

Installation Of Possum Boxes At Budget-Friendly Prices

Our possum removal Newtown team of professionals have more than one way in order to keep possums out of your indoors. That is, we install different possum boxes throughout your Newtown property that are specially designed in favour of possums.

  • Possum Nest Box On A Tree

Although trees are one of the favourite places of possums, they do live there because of a lack of security. Thus, we take their weakness as an advantage by installing a possum nest box on a tree and leaving possums to live there. 

  • Possum Control Box 

We also have possum control boxes such as traps, cages, deterrents, repellents and so forth and so forth. So, once possums find these control attractive and go near them, possums get caught immediately. 

  • Possum Nest Box 

Moreover, we have specialised possum nest boxes too, like ringtail and brushtail possum nesting boxes. To give possums a more homey feeling, we even install yellow-bellied glider nesting boxes. 

Why Opt For Our Company’s Possum Removal Services In Newtown? 

Every expert in possum removal Newtown team is regional, licensed, certified and verified before our company hires them. You can also check for a few more reasons that claim as the industry-leading company that provides you with top-quality services. 

  • Our possum removal Paddington team gives you a friendly experience with the best and most effective services 
  • Assurance of possum pest control results is given by our company as we have skills in using on-trend technology 
  • We only execute safe methods like trapping, catching, installing possum nest boxes and more
  • State-of-the-art equipment and brand-new tools are used for possum pest control and removal 
  • Obligation-free and upfront quotes are made available throughout Paddington and its other areas 
  • Possum removal products that help us in getting rid of possums on your property are possum-friendly. 

Always Near You For Possum Removal Services- Bookings Availability 24/7 

It is a known fact throughout Newtown that we are available 24/7 for possum removal service bookings and enquiries. So, you are just a call away from availing of any of our possum pest control services, including emergency and same-day services.


Why do possums get onto the roof even if it is a risky place? 

One of the main reasons why possums get onto roofs is that there is a lack of adequate trees and their hollows; because of homes. Thus, possums get into your rooftops while finding their way through holes to build their hiding. So, if you want to remove the possum from the roof, leave it to us. 

What can I do to protect the plants in my garden from possum attacks? 

Two ways help you to protect the plants in your garden from possum attacks like the following: 
– To build physical barriers and
– Use of deterrent sprays.

How long will it take if my Newtown property is heavily infested with common brushtail possums? 

If your property is heavily infested with common brushtail possums, it generally takes a couple of days to remove them. So, do not take any action against them on your own and leave it to our experts instead. Thus, hire us time today! 

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