Possum Removal Moorooka

Get Rid Of Possums with Our Experts At Your Doorstep 

Need help from possum catchers? Is there a possum infestation at your home? Have they intruded on your home? CBD Possum Removal provides possum removal and possum catching services for the safe removal of these pesky animals. Moreover, our possum removal Moorooka experts handle all kinds of possums and humanely remove them. Our professionals are adequately trained and licensed to perform possum removal and safely and humanely relocate them. To book our services, Dial our toll-free number today! 0488 851 508.

Possum Removal Moorooka

Various Possum Removal Services We Provide 

Regarding possum removal Moorooka services, our experts provide you with multiple benefits. Here is a list of services we provide for possum removal:

  • Dead Possum Removal

Our experts not only remove the possums from your Moorooka property but when it comes to dead possums, we remove them too. Moreover, we safely clean up the space and avoid the smell spreading which can attract other pests. 

  • Emergency Possum Removal 

We believe to help you during emergency times. Therefore, our possum removal Moorooka experts provide emergency services at any time and on weekdays. 

  • Same-Day Possum Removal

If you require same-day possum removal, then you can book our services which are easy to book and will reach you at a time when it is convenient for you and get the possum removed. 

  • Residential Possum Removal

Our Possum removal Moorooka experts get rid of possums for you from any residential property such as a private house, condos, apartments or any rental property. 

  • Commercial Possum Removal 

Our experts remove possums from all kinds of commercial properties like office buildings, hospitals, clinics, schools, industries etc. 

  • Backyard Possum Removal 

Are possums infesting your backyard? Not to worry anymore! Our trained experts remove the possums from your backyard with the proper tools and technology.

  • Underdeck Possum Removal 

We remove possums from the underdeck and safely put them in boxes in a humane way and relocate them according to the government rules. 

  • Possum Removal From Roof 

If you are having a possum infestation on your roof then you can book our possum removal services. 

  • Pre-purchase Possum Inspection 

With our possum removal services, you can now book our pre-purchase possum inspection to get a proper idea of the possum infestation.

  • Possum Proofing Service 

Our possum removal Moorooka experts do possum proofing services to help with any possum infestation at your property.

Types Of Possums Our Experts Remove In Australia 

Our possum removal Moorooka experts remove all kinds of possums from your property in Moorooka. Here are some possums we remove 

Our Full Possum Removal Process That We Follow In Moorooka 

Possum Removal Moorooka experts have a proper possum removal process which is as follows. 

  • Inspection

Our possum removal Moorooka expert catches possums that can travel to your property. For this, the first thing we do is a proper inspection. Moreover,  the professionals look around to find any spots which indicate possum activity and identify the extent of the infestation and the damage. Accordingly, we set up traps. 

  • Possum Catching & Removal

After setting up traps with a proper inspection, we set to catch these possums for good. As per the removal plan, our trained experts will move them from your property without causing them any trauma. Moreover, our removal process is completely humane and eco-friendly. 

  • Prevention 

The professionals recommend prevention methods you should utilise to prevent more possums from entering your property.  These can include pro tips to help you out in the future. 

Installation Of Possum Boxes 

Our possum removal services include installing boxes on your possum-infested property 

  • Possum Nest Box On A Tree 

Our experts install Possum removal boxes near the trees which are on your property to help catch them quickly. 

  • Possum Control Box 

We put possum control boxes all over your property or the places which are likely to be visited by the possums. 

  • Possum Nest Box  

The professionals install boxes near the possum nest to catch them quickly and effortlessly. 

Why Choose Our Experts For Possum Removal Service In Moorroka?

When it comes to possum removal, we are simply your best choice. Here are some reasons why.

  • We have licensed possum catchers who are professionally trained. 
  • Our services include same-day emergency and also dead possum removal is available.
  • We provide affordable services and also give quotes. 
  • Our services are eco-friendly and humane  
  • Friendly service which follows the rules for possum removal 

Book Our Possum Removal Experts 24/7 In Moorooka

As possum killing is illegal in Australia, we have come up with a better plan to remove them carefully and relocate them in a humane way. Moreover, this is approved by the government, therefore, we provide 24/7 possum removal services that you can book any time of the week even on holidays. As possums can try to defend themselves with their sharp teeth which can be quite dangerous, you can book a professional with our any day 24-hour services. Book our possum removal services today!


Will you take the possum with you after the service? 

Yes. Our possum removal Moorooka will catch the possum in a humane way and according to the government rules we will relocate the possum. 

Do possums attack children? 

Possums usually prefer always to be hidden away but it is important to get them out of the property by booking possum removal services if you have children or pets. 

Is possum control treatment considered to be cruel in Moorooka?

No. Possum control treatment Includes catching the possum and relocating the possum according to government rules. Moreover, all of this is done in a humane manner. 

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