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Expert Possum Removal Team For Services In Surfers Paradise

When it comes to possum removal on the Sunshine Coast, trust CBD Possum Removal to handle the job with expertise and care. With a team of dedicated professionals, we provide prompt and flawless services for both residential and commercial properties. Don’t let possums cause damage or create unhygienic conditions – call us now at 0488 851 508 for reliable possum removal.

Possums: Nesting Behaviour & Food Habits

Possums are nocturnal creatures with a penchant for nesting in roofs, underdecks, and backyards. Understanding their nesting behaviour and food habits is crucial to effective removal. Possums are attracted to easily accessible food sources, making residential areas susceptible to infestation.

Our Services For A Possum-Free Home In Surfers Paradise

Eviction, Trapping, and Relocation

Our eviction services involve identifying entry points and sealing them, preventing possum re-entry. Trapping is done with precision, ensuring the safe capture of possums, followed by humane relocation.

Possum Proofing in Surfers Paradise

We employ proven techniques to possum-proof your property, including installing barriers and blocking entry points, ensuring a long-term solution.

Possum Boxes in Surfers Paradise

We offer possum boxes as an alternative nesting solution, strategically placed to attract possums away from your living spaces.

Roof Possum Removal

Our specialists excel in the safe removal of possums from roofs, minimizing damage and disturbance to your property.

Underdeck Possum Removal

Possums often find refuge under decks. Our underdeck removal service ensures a thorough extraction without harm to the possum or your property.

Backyard Possum Removal

We address possums in your backyard, implementing measures to discourage their presence and keep your outdoor space possum-free.

Dead Possum Removal

Prompt removal of deceased possums is crucial for health and safety. Our team efficiently handles the disposal, ensuring a clean and safe environment.

Our Experts And Possum Removal Process In Surfers Paradise


Thorough property inspection to identify possum entry points and nesting areas.

Method Selection

Customized possum removal methods based on the severity of the infestation.

Catching & Removal

Humane trapping and removal techniques that prioritize the safety of both possums and your property.


Possums are safely relocated to suitable habitats away from residential areas.

Final Assessment

Post-removal inspection to ensure all possums are gone and preventive measures are effective.

Same-Day Possum Removal Surfers Paradise Services

Our commitment to same-day service sets us apart. We understand the urgency of possum issues and prioritize quick, effective solutions. Don’t let possums disrupt your peace – call us, and we’ll take care of it today!

Why Choose Us Our High-Quality Services?

  1. Expert Team: Our professionals are skilled in possum behaviour and removal techniques.
  2. Humane Methods: We prioritize ethical and humane possum removal.
  3. Custom Solutions: Tailored plans to suit your specific possum issue.
  4. Same-Day Service: Swift response to address possum problems promptly.
  5. Possum-proofing: Proactive measures to prevent future infestations.
  6. Experience: Years of expertise in possum removal services.

Happily Serving in Surfers Paradise And Nearby Suburbs

Our possum removal Surfers Paradise team is dedicated to providing prompt services. Make an appointment, and our team will be at your doorstep quickly, available 24/7 across all regions in Surfers Paradise. Contact CBD Possum Removal today at 0488 851 508.


Do you provide dead possum removal services across Surfers Paradise?

Yes! Our local possum removal Surfers Paradise team will reach your location once you make an appointment. Thus you can get our services as early as possible.

Is it necessary to hire experts for the removal of possums from the roof?

Of course, it is important to hire our experts because dealing with possums on your own is both illegal and risky.

Can I get a free quotation over a phone call?

Yes! You can get a free quotation regarding the possum removal cost over a phone call on our toll-free number.

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