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Possum removal is the practice of expelling possums from human dwellings. The presence of trees and gardens attracts possums. At CBD Possum Removal, we have experts who should be appointed to deal with them.

Regarding removing possums, our Possum Removal Box Hill crew is second to none. We provide efficient Possum Removal Services of many kinds in your area. It’s simple: give us a call at 0488 851 508.

Possum Removal Box Hill

Various Types of Possum Removal Services at Affordable prices

Depending on the severity of the infestation and damage, we may remove them on the same day. Below are some of our most prominent offerings.

Dead Possum Removal

Dead possums should be removed as soon as possible, whether they are dead by accidents or ageing. You may rely on our Possum Removal Box Hill professional to track down and remove any possums that have passed away.

Emergency Possum Removal

Native possums are naturally wary of people. Yet they may affect human health in very significant ways. Assistance in removing a possum in an emergency, we complete this demand in Box Hill. 

Same Day Possum Removal

We are now the go-to company for Same Day Possum Removal in Box Hill. We all understand how important possum control services are in your lives if you have an infestation in your home.

Residential Possum Removal 

We offer possum removal services for homes. Do you get possums at your place at night? It’s time to get in action and use our plan to keep them away from your home.

Possum Control For Business

Removal of possums from commercial areas is one of our specialties. You can seek the assistance of our Possum Removal Box Hill experts.

Possum Control In The Backyard

You can book here the best Possum Removal Experts to assist you if possums have become a problem in your yard.

Removal Of Underdeck Possums

Getting a professional from CBD Possum Removal to handle the Removal of Underdeck Possums is the safest and most effective alternative.

Evicting A Possum From the Roof

Please call us immediately if you suspect a possum has taken up residence on your roof. We can safely discard possums from your roof.

Pre-purchase Possum Inspection

Get a possum inspection before you buy a home. With this service, our professionals certify that you are buying a house that has no risk from possums.

Possum Proofing Service

Another one of our specialisations is possum proofing, which we provide for both residential and commercial establishments and ensures that possums will never invade your space again.

The Species of Possums We Control in Australia

  • Brush-tailed Possum
  • Ring-tailed Possum
  • Baby Possums
  • H.P. (Honey) Possum
  • Indicative of the Mountain Spiny-tailed Possum
  • Northern Brush-tailed Possum.
  • The Green-Tailed Possum
  • Skeletonized Possum
  • Ringtail Possum of the Herbert River
  • Western Ring-Tailed Possums
  • Hoary-headed Rock-rat

Steps We Use to Get Rid of Possums

FREE price estimate and phone consultation

If you have problems with possums in Box Hill we can help. Just call us for a free phone consultation. 

Observe the premises

Our first step in each job is a thorough inspection of the whole structure to identify any weak spots or access points that may need further investigation.

Eliminate possums 

When we find an area where possums are getting in, we seal it off. Then we can trap possums and remove them humanely.

Landscaping and sealing the property

Sheet metal, wire mesh, wood, or other appropriate materials are used to close up any unused access points in your home or structure to prevent possums from reentering. 

The Setting Up of Possum Traps

For possums whose natural environments have been destroyed or changed, a possum box may provide refuge from cats, dogs, owls, and crows. Our teams for Possum Removal Box Hill supply possum traps and cages for residential and commercial properties.

  • Shelter For Possums On A Tree

Cages for possums are sometimes installed on trees to keep them restricted to certain areas.

  • A Possum-Proof Relay Box

If you suspect you have a possum problem, don’t hesitate to call us; we provide the best Possum Control Boxes installation.

  • A Possum’s Nest Box

Due to declining natural habitats and human development, possums may take refuge on your home’s rooftop or exterior walls. A nest box can keep them away from your rooftop, exterior walls and gardens.

Why Hire Us If You Require Possum Control In Box Hill

  • Team of professionals 
  • Advanced Strategy
  • Emergency possum removal assistance
  • 24X7 services

Call Us Anytime, Day Or Night, And We’ll Remove That Possum!

We first identify their entry points to eliminate possums from your property. You may hire us for possum treatment and inspection service if you need to remove a possum on your roof or inside your house. As the industry leader, we guarantee Australia’s lowest possum removal prices. Our services are available in the following nearby areas of Box Hill.


Do you remove dead possums?

We remove deceased possums from homes and businesses. After removing the deceased possums, we sanitise and follow hygiene measures.

Can the possum be killed?

No, doing so is illegal in our country. They are a species that is protected by law.

Will Possum eventually find its way back into my ceiling?

No, we’ll patch up the entryway(s) it’s using now, and any more it could find in the future.

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