Possum Removal Eltham

Make Your Property Possum-Free In Eltham

As cute as they are, possums are the cause of hissing, scratching, and fighting that keeps you up at night. Although they try to avoid people, the debris and damage they leave behind worries locals. Attempts to eliminate and control the possum are not recommended, but if not stopped, the damage from the possum will be more costly. Our Possum Removal Eltham specialists ensure that the offending possum leaves your property permanently in a safe and friendly manner. Call Now At 0488 851 508!

Possum Removal Eltham

Our Services To Remove Possums From Your Homes

Possum removal is only one of the numerous services we provide to our clients. You can access all of these services at a reasonable price at CBD Possum Removal.

Removal Of Dead Possums

After placing the dead possum in the bag, we disinfect the area and make it safe for your family. You can trust us for dead possum removal in Eltham.

Immediate Possum Removal

We are a reputed possum removal company in Eltham. Our group of skilled professionals provides the most reliable emergency possum removal services in Eltham. We are the best option because of our many years of dedication.

Same Day Possum Removal 

We provide specialized same-day possum removal services. We have dominated the market as a result of our standardized possum removal services, knowledgeable team, and well-established reputation for using humane possum traps.

Possum Removal From Residences

We offer our customers residential possum removal services at fair prices.

Possum Removal From Commercial Places 

We also provide commercial possum removal services to our clients for the best costs in the city.

Possum Removal From The Backyard

For a reasonable price, hire us to provide your backyard with the best possum removal services. For real and helpful services, choose us.

Underdeck Possum Removal

We also offer possum removal services from underneath your deck. Contact us for the best services.

Roof Possum Removal 

If possums have established a home on your roof, we can help you remove them safely. Call us right away to make a service request.

Pre-Purchase Inspection For Possum In New Buildings

We are always available if you require a pre-purchase possum examination. Please get in touch with us whenever you need assistance.

Possum-Proofing Service

We offer possum-proofing services that fit within your budget. Contact us for the best services.

Types Of Possums We Remove In Eltham

Possums have long tails, shaggy fur, and long-snouted heads. Because they are herbivores, possums eat mostly vegetation. They mostly consume seeds, leaves, stems, and roots. Possums consume a wide variety of vegetation, including trees. There are almost 130 types of possums available in Australia. We deal in almost all types of them. These are not harmful to humans but can harm property. 

Our Possum Removal Process

Our initial phone consultation will give you confidence in our ability to solve your possum issues. We often find the possum you are hearing on your roof and resolve many issues with a phone call, preventing call-out fees and unnecessary time or money spent.

  • On our initial visit, we inspect the building from top to bottom to ensure all entry points and potential issues were discovered and sealed. 
  • When we identify an entry point being used by possums, we attach one of our specially designed one-way doors to allow the possums to leave but not return. 
  • Entry points used are sealed using sheet metal, wire mesh, timber, or suitable materials suited to protect your building from possum re-entry. 
  • We catch possums and release them into safe areas. 

Installation Of Possum Boxes

We may keep the boxes to trap the possums in every nook and cranny of the house when you call us for possum removal.

Possum Nest Box On A Tree 

We can also keep the boxes on a tree so that those possums can be snared efficiently. 

Possum Control Box 

This is a trap box where these possums are trapped. This controls the movement of possums. 

Possum Nest Box 

This is also a box that is used to trap possums. This seems like a nesting site to possums and they start living in these boxes without any fear. 

Why Choose Us For Possum Removal Service In Eltham?

  • Our crew is made up entirely of friendly and helpful individuals. We can help you at any time and for a very low cost. We will treat you and your family as if they were our own. Call us to know the possum control cost. 
  • Our team will arrive at your home as soon as possible if you choose our service. Before delivering a quote, they will examine the complete problem and address your questions and concerns.
  • We are knowledgeable and trustworthy. Our team is made up of the city’s most notable Possum Removal Eltham professionals. They’ve been doing this for a long time. 
  • Because we serve a large portion of the city, our staff is quite large. In both nature and the workplace, our people are the best. Their working style is superior to that of others. 

We Are Available 24/7 For Possum Removal Near You 

Customers can contact us any day and anytime for the service. For the convenience of our customers, we give services in all private and public properties. We offer in all malls, private properties, shops, apartments, etc. You can schedule an appointment by calling our phone number now. We are available 24 hours a day for you.


What services do we offer?

In Eltham, we offer services like possum catching, removing a possum from the roof, and possum control. You can check the procedure and pricing. 

How can the customers book the appointment?

Customers can book services online and offline. We will reach out to you immediately after booking the services.

What if customers face the problem again?

We will guarantee you that you will not face problems again in the home after treatment. But if you will, you can call us again for services.

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