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Reliable & High Quality Possum Removal Service in Kellyville

CBD Possum Removal is your professional partner for possum removal in Kellyville. We prioritize exceptional customer service and provide end-to-end solutions with our highly skilled and experienced team. Our eco-friendly and pet-friendly techniques set the standard for possum removal in Kellyville. Contact our team at 0488 851 508 to learn more about our possum removal services.

Possum Removal Services We Provide

Our team offers a variety of possum removal services tailored to your needs:

Dead Possum Removal

If you discover a deceased possum on your property, our team will professionally and safely remove it, following the necessary measures.

Emergency Possum Removal

In urgent situations without prior booking, our team is available to provide immediate assistance using the best possible methods.

Residential Possum Removal

We take essential steps to remove possums from your home, ensuring minimal disturbance to your surroundings.

Commercial Possum Removal

Our services extend to commercial spaces, including hospitals, shopping complexes, offices, and warehouses.

Backyard Possum Removal

We provide careful backyard possum removal services, prioritizing the well-being of your surroundings.

Possum Removal from Roof

If possums are on your house roof, our expert team employs suitable techniques to remove them effectively.

Underdeck Possum Removal

Our professional possum catchers assist with underdeck possum removal services.

Pre-purchase Possum Inspection

Before scheduling an appointment, we offer inspection services to analyze your property’s needs thoroughly.

Possum Proofing Service

Using advanced methods, we implement possum removal techniques tailored to your property’s specifications.

Varieties Of Possums We Remove In Kellyville

Our services cover the removal of various possum types in Kellyville, including:

  • Common brushtail possum
  • Common ringtail possum
  • Eastern pygmy possum
  • Western pygmy possum
  • Little pygmy possum
  • Mountain pygmy possum
  • Mountain brushtail possum
  • Northern brushtail possum
  • Short-eared possum
  • Honey possum
  • Leadbeater’s possum
  • Coppery brushtail possum
  • Western ringtail possum
  • Green ringtail possum

Process We Follow In Possum Removal

Our standardized possum removal process ensures a smooth experience:

1. Inspection

Our expert team analyzes possum habitats around your property, identifies the possum type, assesses infestation levels, and determines potential risks.

2. Removal Plan

We offer same-day possum removal, including advanced procedures, a timeline, and necessary government approvals.

3. Removal Process

Certified possum catchers employ trap boxes and wire mesh to safely catch and release possums according to our guidelines.

4. Prevention

After removal, we implement preventive measures, such as plastic barriers, hole closures, spiked fences, and mesh or nets around edible plants.

Why Choose CBD Possum Removal in Kellyville?

Clients choose us for possum removal due to the following reasons:

  • Professional Methods: Certified and experienced professionals ensure a top-notch service.
  • Advanced Technology: Our advanced techniques provide the best possible experience.
  • Same-day Emergency Services: We offer immediate assistance for emergencies.
  • Affordability: Our pocket-friendly prices make professional services accessible to all.
  • Safety Measures: Our eco-friendly and pet-friendly methods ensure safety for you and your family.

Get Our Top-Notch Services In Nearby Places

We take pride in serving the Kellyville community and nearby suburbs. Contact us today for expert possum removal services. Your possum-free home awaits!


How long does the possum removal service take?

The duration depends on the infestation level. Our experts assess your service type and provide expert service accordingly.

How much does the possum removal service cost?

Cost varies based on property conditions, the number of possums, damage repairs, labour, and more.

Are possums harmed during this service?

No, we ensure no harm to possums. Trapped possums are released more than 150 meters away during dusk.

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