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Certified And Reliable Possum Removal in Waterloo

For top-notch possum removal services in Waterloo, look no further than CBD Possum Removal. Our certified experts are dedicated to freeing your property from possum nuisances, ensuring a safe and hassle-free environment. With our expert team, state-of-the-art techniques, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we ensure a possum-free environment for your home or business. Dial 0488 851 508 to connect with our knowledgeable team.

Our Reliable Services For A Possum-Free Home In Waterloo

Eviction, Trapping, and Relocation

We employ humane eviction methods, trapping possums without causing harm, and then relocating them to a suitable habitat.

Possum Proofing in Waterloo

Our possum-proofing services ensure that entry points are sealed, preventing possums from re-entering your property.

Possum Boxes in Waterloo

Install possum boxes strategically to provide alternative nesting options, keeping them away from your home.

Roof Possum Removal

Our specialized team excels in safe and efficient roof possum removal, minimizing any potential damage.

Underdeck Possum Removal

Possums often find refuge under decks; our removal process addresses this specific issue effectively.

Backyard Possum Removal

Tailored solutions for backyard possum issues to create a safe outdoor environment.

Dead Possum Removal

Swift and sanitary removal of deceased possums, ensuring your property remains safe and clean.

Our Industry’s Best Possum Removal Process

Partner with our skilled team in Waterloo for a well-executed possum removal process:

1. Inspecting the Infested Area: Our licensed team conducts a thorough inspection to identify possum types and assess the severity of the infestation.

2. Possum Removal Treatment Plan: Based on the inspection results, we create a tailored treatment plan with your consent, outlining timelines and expected results.

3. Possum Removal Process: Upon your approval, we execute the chosen treatment plan, removing possums and releasing them safely within 50 meters of your property. We then block access points.

4. Documentation & Follow-Up: We conclude the process with detailed documentation of the removal and follow-up information.

Why Choose CBD Possum Removal?

Discover the merits that make us the most recommended team in Waterloo:

  • Affordable possum removal costs for various possum types.
  • Eco-friendly and family-friendly possum pest control solutions.
  • Utilization of advanced technology for effective removal.
  • Alternative payment options are available.
  • Local, certified, licensed, and well-trained professionals.
  • Customized techniques for possum control tailored on the spot.

24/7 Availability for Waterloo Locals and Nearby Areas

CBD Possum Removal takes pride in serving Waterloo and its neighbouring suburbs. Contact us today for a possum-free living environment. Let us safeguard your home and ensure a peaceful coexistence with the wildlife around us.


What damages can possums cause to a property?

Possums can cause various damages, including chewing electrical wires, creating nests in insulation, and spreading diseases through urine on rooftops and ceilings.

Why do I hear possum noises only at night?

Possums are nocturnal pests, active only during nighttime, causing hissing, scratching, growling, shrieking, and other noises.

When can I expect professionals for roof possum removal?

For roof possum removal or any possum removal service, our trustworthy team arrives within an hour of service bookings.

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