Possum Removal Maroubra

Possum Removal Maroubra: Effective and Affordable Solutions

Having possums around your house can be beneficial, as they help control pests. However, when they invade your home, causing damage and disruptions, it’s crucial to address the issue promptly. At CBD Possum Removal, we offer top-notch possum removal services in Maroubra. Call us at 0488 851 508 to book a humane and emergency possum removal service and ensure a possum-free environment.

Wide Range of Possum Removal Services

Dead Possum Removal

If there’s a dead possum in or around your house, call us to eliminate it, preventing foul smells and maintaining air quality.

Emergency Possum Removal

For quick possum removal in Maroubra, contact us 24/7, and we’ll reach your location within an hour.

Same-Day Possum Removal

We prioritize providing high-quality service, offering same-day possum removal to ensure a swift resolution.

Residential and Commercial Possum Removal

Whether at home or in your workplace, our experts can handle possum removal with efficiency and professionalism.

Possum Removal From Backyards

Safely remove possums from your backyard without harming them using our special techniques and equipment.

Possum Removal From Roof

Protect your home by removing possums from your roof promptly. Our removalists can handle the task easily.

Pre-Purchase Possum Removal

Before buying a new property, ensure its safety by checking for possums. Our professionals can inspect and relocate them if found.

Underdeck Possum Removal

If possums are living under your house decks, let our professionals handle the removal to ensure the safety of your pets.

Our 6-Step Possum Removal Process

  1. Arriving Punctually: Once booked, we reach the location at the agreed-upon time.
  2. Pre-Inspection: Before the removal process, we inspect to identify entry and exit points of possums.
  3. Sanitization: If necessary, we sanitize the area to facilitate possum removal.
  4. Cleaning The Spot: We clean the affected area, removing stains and foul odours left by possums.
  5. Using a Possum Trap Box: We trap possums safely using specialized boxes and release them away from your property.
  6. Last Inspection: A final inspection ensures successful possum removal and checks for any remaining babies.

Why Choose Us?

  • Affordable: We offer cost-effective possum removal services, ensuring you don’t have to worry about high payments.
  • Experienced Professionals: Our certified and experienced professionals handle possums with care and expertise.
  • Environmental Friendly: We use pet and human-friendly chemicals, ensuring no harm to your health.
  • Same-Day Service: Benefit from our specialty in Maroubra – receive service within 24 hours of booking.
  • 5 Star Rating: Our commitment to providing quality service is reflected in the 5-star ratings from satisfied clients.
  • 24/7 Availability: We are available round the clock, ready to assist with queries and bookings.

Your Nearest Service Provider

We take pride in serving Maroubra and its neighbouring suburbs. If possums are causing you distress, get in touch with us today for swift and effective solutions. Your possum-free home is just a call away!


Do you provide emergency services?

Yes, we offer emergency possum removal services to address urgent situations promptly.

I am hearing scratching noises at night, is it a possum problem?

Yes, scratching noises indicate possum activity. Call us for an inspection and effective control.

Are your experts certified and carry out removal treatment legally?

Absolutely, our certified experts handle possum removal legally and with utmost care.

Location: Maroubra, NSW 2035, Australia

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