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Are you dealing with a possum infestation in Liverpool? Look no further! CBD Possum Removal is your 24/7 solution for efficient and humane possum removal services. Our experts are equipped to handle various situations, from emergency removals to residential and commercial services. Read on to discover the comprehensive possum removal services we offer. Contact our experts today at 0488 851 508!

Types of Possum Removal Services

Dead Possum Removal

Dead possums pose health hazards and must be removed promptly. Our company provides safe and efficient dead possum removal services in Liverpool.

Emergency Possum Removal

Available round the clock, our experts are ready for emergency possum removal in Liverpool. We ensure a prompt response to address any urgent situation.

Same Day Possum Removal

Don’t let possums disrupt your day. Our same-day possum removal services in Liverpool ensure quick and effective solutions.

Residential and Commercial Possum Removal

Whether in homes or commercial properties, our experts handle possum nuisances efficiently, ensuring a safe environment for you and your property.

Underdeck Possum Removal

Underdecks often become a haven for possums. We’ll safely remove them, preventing any damage to your property.

Backyard Possum Removal

Possums in your backyard can be a nuisance. Our team employs effective methods to remove them, promoting a harmonious living environment.

Possum Removal From Roof

Protect your roof from damage with our possum removal Liverpool roof services.

Pre-purchase Possum Inspection

Purchasing a property? Our pre-purchase possum inspection services ensure a possum-free environment in Liverpool.

Possum Proofing Service

Prevent possum re-entry with our possum-proofing services, identifying and repairing gaps in your property.

Our 6-Step Possum Removal Process

  1. Inspection: Identify possum type and entry points.
  2. Removal: Humane methods, such as catching and releasing or installing possum boxes.
  3. Clean-up: Possum waste removal and area sanitization.
  4. Proofing: Identify and repair property gaps to prevent re-entry.
  5. Monitoring: Regular checks to ensure possum absence and effective proofing.
  6. Follow-up: Client satisfaction check and additional services if needed.

Possum Boxes Installation

Explore our possum box solutions, providing a safe and comfortable environment while keeping possums away from your property.

  • Tree-Mounted Possum Nest Boxes: As an alternative to trapping and removal, we offer possum nest boxes mounted on trees in Liverpool.
  • Possum Control Boxes: In Liverpool, we also provide possum control boxes to deter possums from entering your property.
  • Humane Possum Nest Boxes: For a compassionate approach to keeping possums away from your property, our company offers possum nest boxes in Liverpool.

Why Choose CBD Possum Removal in Liverpool?

  • Expert Team: Our experienced professionals specialize in humane possum removal.
  • Comprehensive Services: From eviction to proofing, we cover all aspects.
  • Humane Practices: We prioritize the well-being of possums during removal.
  • Swift Response: Same-day services for immediate relief.
  • Possum-Proofing Solutions: Prevent future infestations with our proactive measures.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our track record speaks for itself; we ensure your satisfaction.

Prompt Possum Removal In Liverpool And Nearby Areas

Facing a possum emergency? Our experts are ready 24/7 for possum removal in Liverpool bookings and surrounding areas. Call 0488 851 508 for prompt and efficient services.


How do I know if I have possums on my property?

Look out for noises in the roof, scratching sounds, droppings, and damage to insulation or materials.

Is it legal to remove possums from my property?

Yes, it’s legal but must be done safely and humanely. Call licensed possum removalists for effective service.

Do possums carry diseases that can affect humans?

Possums can carry diseases. Seek professional help for safe removal and handling.

How do you prevent possums from re-entering my property?

We seal gaps, provide possum-proofing, and monitor regularly for effective prevention.

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