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Welcome to our possum removal company, the go-to possum controller in Abbotsford. We offer a humane possum removal service, and our pricing is transparently listed. We offer a minimum 12-month warranty on all of our possum-proofing workmanship, and our pricing starts out fairly.

We provide a removal and control method for possums that is professional, effective, safe, efficient, and humane. CBD Possum Removal has Licensed Wildlife controllers who are professional in removing possums from houses and buildings, as mandated by the Wildlife Act of 1974. So, you can plan the best Possum Removal Abbotsford service with us. 

Possum Removal Abbotsford

Services For Removing Possums From Homes And Buildings

One of the many services we offer to our customers is possum removal. All of these Possum Removal Abbotsford services are affordable and available to you. Numerous of these services consist of:

Dead Possum Removal

To remove the dead possum, we make sure to have gloves and a container bag available. If the smell is terrible, we also disinfect the area. We put the animal into the bag and then collected the animal’s remnants with a suction.

Removal Of Possums Urgently

Our professional possum removal agency in Abbotsford should be contacted if you notice any indications that possums are causing problems in your house. Our team of knowledgeable specialists offers the most effective possum removal services in Abbotsford. As a result of our many years of dedication, we are the ideal choice.

Same Day Possum Eradication

We offer specialized same-day possum removal services, depending on the degree of damage caused and the size of the possum infestation. We have become the industry leader thanks to our standardized possum removal services, skilled staff, and established a reputation for humane possum traps.

Removal Of Possums From Homes

We provide reasonably priced home possum removal services to our clients.

Removal Of Commercial Possums

For the finest prices in the city, we also offer commercial Possum Removal Abbotsford services to our customers.

Removal Of Backyard Possums

Get the best possum removal services for your backyard from us at low costs. Choose us for sincere services.

Removal Of Underdeck Possums

Additionally, we provide services for possum removal from under your deck. For the best services, contact us.

Removal Of Possums From The Roof

We can assist you in removing possums from your roof if possums have taken up residence on it. Call us right away to request the services.

Pre-Purchase Possum Inspection 

In the event that you need a pre-purchase possum inspection, we are always here for you. You can contact us whenever you need our help.

Possum Proofing Service

We provide possum-proofing services within your price range. For the best Possum Removal Abbotsford services, contact us.

Types Of Possums We Remove In Abbotsford

Possums have long tails, shaggy fur, and long-snouted heads. Because they are herbivores, possums eat mostly vegetation. They mostly consume seeds, leaves, stems, and roots. Possums consume a wide variety of vegetation, including trees. 

The eastern grey possum, the western grey possum, and the gliding possum are the three different species of possums found in Abbotsford. Eastern Abbotsford is home to eastern grey possums with shaggy fur and long-snouted heads. The western grey possum, which has a shorter snouted head and less fur, inhabits the area west of Abbotsford. Possums of the gliding variety can be found right in the centre of Abbotsford. It has a naked face and no fur.

The Process We Use To Remove Possums

The size of a possum can reach that of a large cat, which is between two and three feet tall and weighs between four and fifteen pounds. Thus you will need a large steel cage trap. These gadgets also go by the moniker “raccoon traps.” We use a cage that is 30 to 40 inches (0.762 to 1 m) long and 12 inches (0.305 m) high. You may buy a cage trap at your neighbourhood hardware shop.

  • We place the trap as close as can to the possum-infested area. We put the trap in a position where you have noticed the greatest activity or damage, like near a garbage can. 
  • Since possums are omnivores, almost any kind of bait will be effective. Nevertheless, make an effort to use lures that only draw prey and repel other animals, including cats. Apples, fennel oil on bread, marshmallows, and other sweet bread are examples of baits that only draw possums.
  • We may keep the boxes to trap the possums in every nook and cranny of the house when you call us at 0488 851 508 for possum removal.
  • After catching them, we set them free in the forest areas that were the safest for them. 

Install Possum Boxes And Be Safe

Possum Nest Box On A Tree 

We can also keep the boxes on a tree so that those possums can be trapped easily. 

Possum Control Box 

This is a trap box where these possums are trapped. This keeps possums away from your home. 

Possum Nest Box 

This is also a box that is used to trap possums. You can ask us to install possum nesting boxes in your backyard or garden. 

Why Choose Us For Possum Removal Service In Abbotsford?

  • Our Possum Removal Abbotsford services are the best in the city. You can view our past work and happy customer feedback. 
  • We have become a professional possum control business in Abbotsford because we have been working for a very long time.
  • We use tools and equipment that are up to the mark, safe and non-toxic. Don’t be worried about your safety.
  • We have new plans and offers for our new customers if you call us immediately. 

We Are There Every Time For Possum Removal Near You

CBD Possum Removal is well known for its 24/7 available possum removal services in Abbotsford and nearby areas. We have proudly served Abbotsford for almost 20 years. We have been in the possum management market for a long time due to the variety of successful possum control solutions we offer. We are always updating ourselves to provide the best service to our customers.

You can contact our possum catching team in the inner suburbs of Abbotsford at any time. Every aspect of possum control is taken care of by us. When you hire us for possum control in Abbotsford, you can rest assured that possums will eradicate. We’ll start by asking you about the most common possums sightings and damage caused by insects. When you hire us, you won’t need to worry about anything. 


Is indoor access necessary for possum removal processing?

Depending on your situation, we ask for indoor access. If access is needed, the technician will let you know.

How to differentiate between the activities of rats and possums?

Because they are nocturnal, possums are active at night. They often produce unpleasant squeaks and loud knocks on the ceiling. We often hear rats running on the roofs, where they are also numerous. Also, you may hear rodents chewing on wooden surfaces, wooden frames, and other objects. Making a decision based on noise alone without a thorough investigation can be difficult. Possums and rats can live together in your home.

How can possums get on my roof?

Possums require a small opening to enter the house and climb on the roof. A boundary of good height can prevent possums from getting on your roof. They can jump up to 10-15 feet. 

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