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Discard Your Possum Problem In Point Cook With Experts

Possums have a taste for chewing on electrical wiring, which poses a serious fire hazard and can cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs. Besides these, several problems are created by possums. We know that there are a lot of residences in Point Cook that need to have the possums removed.

Here at CBD Possum Removal, we remove possums efficiently and affordably, and we stand by our work. To all of our customers in Point Cook, we provide the same high level of service that we’ve provided for years. Our possum removal Point Cook specialists are qualified and insured to eliminate the critters plaguing your home swiftly. Contact us today at 0488 851 508!

Possum Removal Point Cook

Service For Catching And Removing Possums

We’ve succeeded in the possum business for so long because we always prioritize our client’s needs. Possum removal is the only service we offer. We ensure that our clients are pleased with our service’s professionalism, efficiency, and dependability.

You know your house has a dead possum. The stench will devalue your home. Soon, your home will be overrun with bugs and bacteria. You can always contact our possum removal Point Cook experts whenever possible. We safely perform dead possum removal in Melbourne for homes and businesses. 

  • Emergency Possum Removal 

With a lot of experience under our belts, we’re among the best emergency service teams for possum removal in Point Cook. Once a problem has been identified, our staff knows that possum removal must be a high priority. For this reason, we offer 24/7 possum removal services for our customers. 

  • Same-Day Possum Removal 

We know how much harm can be done by certain possums if an infestation isn’t dealt with quickly. Quick action, such as same-day possum removal Point Cook treatment, is strongly advised to avoid further complications. With this fantastic service, you can rest assured that the possum will be gone in no time.

  • Residential Possum Removal 

Getting rid of possums from your home could take a lot of time. It might be too difficult for the average person to handle, especially if they need more skills and knowledge. For this reason, Point Cook homeowners need to use our service that can remove possums in their homes humanely. 

  • Commercial Possum Removal 

Businesses in Point Cook may rely on us for possum removal services. Our first-rate firm will rapidly eliminate the possums so they do not become distractions at work. We will swiftly and effectively eliminate them from your commercial property.

Possums are often seen in backyards. In addition, their faeces can leave unsightly marks and a putrid odour on your property. We provide a top-class service for backyard possum removal. 

Talk to us about the removal of underdeck possums by a professional. We do not miss checking the nooks and crannies you might miss. Our experts can easily catch and remove possums living underdeck. 

  • Exclusion of Possums from Roof

We have experts to remove possums from your roof. We also plan something to stop them from returning to your property once we’ve relocated them. We will locate their entryways and block them off. 

  • Pre-Purchase Possum Inspection

If possums have been reported as a problem in the past, and you intend to purchase a home, you should consult our experts first. Discover if possums are a possibility in the area with our knowledge. Our Humane Possum Removal Point Cook specialists will examine the layout of your home and listen to your worries.

  • Possum-Proofing A Property

After possum removal, the next step is to possum-proof the structure. It would help to keep possums out of areas around your property. 

The Species of Possums We Control in Australia

Animals of the Mountains: The Brush-tailed Possum

Trichosurus Cunningham is its scientific name. The “Short-eared Possum” is named for its short, round ears.  Mountain brushtails, like the Common Brushtail, use their long, black tails to climb trees for food. They eat flowers, buds, fruits, fungus, mushrooms, and lichen.

Possum, Northern Brush-tailed

Northern possums are known as Trichosurus archnemesis. This brushtail possum is smaller. They prefer trees to the ground and are frequently found in wooded regions. Both male and female Northern brushtails have black tails. They are found in northern and western Australia.

Possum with a Green Tip to Its Tail

Toolah and Striped Ringtail possum are its names. This North Queensland possum has thick, silky fur and unique green colour. Its greenish hair is black, grey, yellow, and white. The cheeks and jawline have white patches. Its maximum length is 36 cm, and its tail is nearly as long. Possums eat mostly figs and greens. Females have one child.

Methods We Use To Get Rid Of Possums

Possums don’t spread rabies and can manage tick numbers surrounding the house, but they’re dangerous inside. These hairy marsupials harbour various illnesses. They dig through your lawn for insects and other food.

Our team of trained possum removal Point Cook professionals can implement a wide variety of possum management options due to our extensive knowledge of different species of them. 

  • Inspection

Before performing possum removal, we figure out exactly where in they have made a home. 

  • Making a strategy

After the inspection is finished, we will design a unique strategy. Our professional possum removal experts allocate areas and determine the most effective tools. The plan also details a timeline and action plan.

  • Possum Removal

We offer possum removal Point Cook services regardless of whether the possum is in your attic or lawn. We’ve found that finding entry routes is the first step to removing them. We can catch them once we know their ways. We want to remove possums from your property permanently. In the end, we seal probable access points to keep possums out of your attic or residence.

Installation Of Possum Boxes

Our team is highly skilled and can install possum traps precisely. We do an extensive check of your property. Then, we install possum boxes according to how bad the infestation is.

  • Possum Nest Box On A Tree

Excellent possum catchers are on staff. So, don’t worry if you want to install a Possum Nest Box on a tree. Our method of installation is completely risk-free.

  • Possum Control Box

We listen carefully to each individual and recommend a Possum Control Box or a specific treatment plan. The welfare of possums must come first.

  • Possum Nest Box

The shape of a possum is the inspiration for the design of a nest box. Possums are instantly drawn to these. Possum Nest Boxes are something we have with us. You can ask us to install possum nesting boxes nearby your property. 

Why Call Us If You Need A Possum Removed In Point Cook?

  • Cost-Effective-

Get the most effective possum removal Point Cook service at a price that won’t hurt your wallet when you hire our experts. In addition, we have earned a solid reputation for providing excellent service at competitive rates.

  • Talented Employees –

It is our primary goal to make homes and businesses in Point Cook a possum-free zone. That’s why we’ll send you a capable and experienced team. Not only that, but we only hire trained possum controllers. That being said, you can trust us.

  • Naturalistic Maintenance

Eco-friendly service is important to us, and we strive to provide it. It is why we exclusively employ non-harmful methods for removing possums. Our possum removal services are both child and pet-friendly and environmentally beneficial.

  • Immediately Available Support

We are the only company you can appoint if you need a possum catcher who can come out the same day. All day, every day, we toil away at our jobs. We have a team of possum catchers standing by to help you. With just a phone call, we can be at your location. 

  • Personalized Strategy

We know what our clients want and need. For this reason, we offer only the finest possum catchers. They can assist you in possum removal from any location, including rooftops and eating establishments. We also have a possum catcher available to help remove any deceased possums. We worked meticulously to accommodate both your needs and your financial constraints.

For Local Possum Control In Point Cook And Nearby Areas Call Us Anytime!

Hire us and take advantage of our attractive discounts and special offers to eliminate these pests in and around your Point Cook home. Our Possum removal Point Cook experts can assist with possum issues. Call us for local possum removal and treatment. Our emergency possum removal Point Cook service is prompt and meticulous.


How to know if possums have invaded the backyard?

Mostly, they only bother you as the sun goes down. Possums may make a lot of noise, which can be heard through walls and floors, break gutters, and damage the backyard.

When to call a professional to deal with a possum problem?

When you notice a strange odour or any damage to your building, the only way to be sure is to have a professional do a possum examination.

Do you remove possums from Point Cook on an urgent basis?

We do help in case of an emergency. Call us, and we’ll send a professional to assist you.

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